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As it turns out, we now have quite a photo album of images of James W. Bookhout from the JFK assassination. And it's ironic because officially, there are NO images of him from the JFK assassination- or thereafter for the rest of his life. Officially, for his entire life, there are only his school yearbook photos, which were obviously doctored. Other than those, there are no official images of him- at all. 

Note that some of the images we have of him are consistent with his own placement of himself, such as the Saturday 6:30 PM Oswald interrogation, and following Oswald's stretcher out from the jail office to the garage. He put himself there. He admitted he was there. 

But, let's look at them in chronological order. As of now, the ones from the Midnight Press Conference are the earliest images we have of him. And we have the Wizard and Amy Joyce to thank for them. We'll start with the Wizard's:

 So, that's him on the far left in the fedora hat. I still think it's ironic that he should be in the same photo as T.L. Baker, whom a certain fool (Joseph Backes) pegged as James Bookhout for many months. And get this: BACKES HASN'T TAKEN IT DOWN! He just left it up there, even though that guy has been definitively identified by Denis Morrissette and Linda Zambanini as Officer T.L. Baker, who was Will Fritz' secretary. 

But, Backes didn't even take down the false claim. This is still up on his site:

Backes knowingly displays false information, and he just doesn't care. He just doesn't give a shit. 

Moving on, here is the image of James Bookhout that Amy Joyce found. It was from Henry Wade's statement at the Midnight Press Conference. 

Let's enlarge it:

It looks like they broadened his nose there because these two match very well otherwise. 

Those match VERY well. The shape of the face, the distance between the eyes, even the attempt to avoid the limelight. And if you don't think that guy on the left was hiding, look at it large:
Wow! Is he hiding or is he hiding? It's amazing that Amy even found it. 

On the left, it's likely that they enhanced the nose, widening the cartilage, making it broader. And on the right, the ear is obviously altered, shaped as it is like the number 7. It's just more photographic flim-flam.  Remember what we are dealing with: the most photographically altered event in the history of Mankind. It was a frenzy of photographic alteration which began BEFORE the assassination with the Backyard photos. And it has never stopped. Discounting their photographic shenanigans, that is an excellent match. Can you imagine thinking that they don't look anything alike, while also thinking that these two are the same guy?

But then again, we are in JFK-land, an evil, vicious, ugly place, populated by punks, thugs, ops, and criminals, for whom lying is their stock in trade. 

Next, we go to the 6:30 PM interrogation in the hallway outside Fritz' office. 

That's Bookhout. Short. Flabby neck. And notice that even from here we can see the full round cheek. Here it is larger. Look how short he was compared to the other men.

Here he is being spoken to by Oswald.
On the left, there is a deliberate obscuring of Bookhout's face. I circled the ears because of how well you can see Oswald's ear compared to Bookhout's. 
That is the one and only time that Oswald went up to somebody in the hall to speak to him. And it was obviously the continuation of a conversation which they had going beforehand. We hear Oswald say, "What have you got against Broby?" Now, I'm not sure about the last word, the name. It sounds garbled, and they may have deliberately garbled it. 

It looks like they gave him a top hat there to make him taller. Notice again the flabby neck. The image below looks more natural, as per the hat. 

And, the comparison to the Garage Shooter is uncanny.

Show me the collage of the Garage Shooter and Ruby that looks as good as that. It doesn't exist. They don't flaunt it because they don't have it. When has any enemy of mine put an image of Ruby next to the Shooter? Never. They just lip-flap it. 

Moving on, we get to the post-Oswald-shooting photos of Bookhout, starting with the one taken just a few minutes after the shooting, and I mean like 2 minutes:

That is definitely James Bookhout. Look how well it matches the young James Bookhout from SMU Law School, 1937.

Both images were altered, but you can still see that it is the same person, aged over 26 years of time. Could an image of Young James Bookhout match so well to Jack Ruby? Of course not. 

Here is another comparison of young James Bookhout to this guy by the elevator with the detectives.

James Bookhout was released by the detectives shortly after this image was taken. 

Bookhout changed his clothes and then hurried down to the jail office to gawk at Oswald. Then, by his own admission, Bookhout followed as the stretcher was rolled out to the garage. 

So, there is Bookhout again, looking short, looking uncomfortable, looking like he is trying to hide. The match to the other images of Bookhout is very good.

Finally (for now) we have the crude images taken by Jim Davidson of Bookhout from behind. 

And crucially, here is Bookhout turning around and leaving, going back inside the jail. He did not go to Parkland Hospital, by his own admission.

Those are currently all the images we have of Bookhout from that weekend, but I won't be surprised if more surface, since Bookhout was omnipresent around Oswald. And remember that for a long time, we had zero. But now, we have ones that match to each other, which match the yearbook images of Bookhout (which are the only other images of James Bookhout that we have) and which are consistent with Bookhout's description of his whereabouts.

So, that is real progress. I thank the Wizard and Amy who found all of them except the ones from the hallway on Saturday evening. I found those, but I only came upon them because somebody from Education Forum pointed me to them as images of James Bookhout.  I wish to God I could find out who that was, but it appears that that link has been taken down. 

These results are solid, and we have already filled in more pieces of the puzzle than I ever thought we would. 

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