Friday, August 4, 2017

I found another image of Jack Ruby on 11/24/63, a rarely seen one.

And here, as in the other images, Ruby looks very down, dour,  and dejected. He really looks out of it. Do you really think he was saying brash things, like "I hope the son of a bitch dies." ? This picture tells me that those Dallas cops lied. I've never seen a more docile and defeated look. He looks listless. He looks lost. There isn't the slightest bit of bravado in him. They were making it up, I tell you, the words they put in his mouth. It is just awful what they did to him. It was monstrous. It was evil. What did he ever do to them except admire them, give them gifts and gratuities, support their causes, and feel honored to know them. How could they then, figuratively speaking, kick him to the ground and then kick him in the teeth? How could they? How could they? How could they? 

Jack Ruby was innocent. He only believed he shot Oswald because they, the Dallas Police, whom he loved and trusted, told him so. And they lied to him. They tricked him.

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