Saturday, August 5, 2017

This article about Dr. Louis Jolyon West, the CIA mind control doctor, known as "The Maestro of Mind Control", treating Jack Ruby was published in August 2016, so just one year ago.

First, consider what an outrage it is that the Almighty State, which was prosecuting Jack Ruby for murder and seeking to put him to death, got to pick his doctor. Since when is that OK? It was an adversarial situation, with Jack Ruby's life on the line. So, the entity that was trying to put him to death got to pick his doctor? A doctor who was prescribing him medication? How could Ruby's lawyers not object to that? It was one thing if the State was just having him to undergo a medical evaluation with their doctor. But, to be treated by him? With medication? Strong, psychoactive medication? Why didn't Jack Ruby have his own, non-government doctor? And why did the government find it necessary to fly a doctor in from the West Coast? What, in the vast metroplex of Dallas, Texas, there wasn't a single psychiatrist who was qualified to treat Jack Ruby? They had to fly one in? And he just happened to be connected to the CIA and its mind control program, MK-ULTRA?

This article concerns newly found evidence which implies that "Jolly's" work for the CIA in its mind control program continued until 1967, which he was still in the midst of it in 1964 when he treated Jack Ruby. And this is what it it said about Ruby:

"Jack Ruby had an isolated cell constructed for him to live in as he awaited his fate and contemplated the possibility of being executed. The proposal stated that “There is reason to believe that environmental manipulations can affect the tendencies for dissociative phenomena to occur. Isolation, in particular, can markedly change the individual’s response to suggestion in the form of verbal communication. It is proposed that new experiments utilizing special environmental manipulations, including sensory isolation, be begun…” Dr. Jolyon West’s proposal specifies that these can produce marked personality changes, which Jack Ruby appeared to have undergone in Dr. Jolyon West’s examination of him. The report (included in the packet below) shows that Ruby was psychotic and delusional at the time."
"In his report, Dr. Jolyon West said that “hypnosis and intravenous sodium pentothal were included among possible techniques” to be used on Jack Ruby. In his proposal to CIA for continuing his MKULTRA work with them, he proposed that “the combined use of hypnotic techniques and autonomic drugs be exercised.” Sodium pentothal, as a barbiturate, is an autonomic drug that was frequently used in various MKULTRA experiments and other interrogation or hypnosis related programs. In total, Dr. Jolyon West requested an additional $35,995.00 for the next year’s work, not including the other ten years of research he had proposed."
What was the justification for putting Jack Ruby in solitary confinement? It obviously was not for violent behavior because a more docile person than Jack Ruby could not be found. 
"The Agency’s response to Dr. Jolyon West’s proposal was ordered destroyed along with all the other MKULTRA records. However, he continued to appear in CIA files as late as 1991. According to one document, Dr. Jolyon West was involved in the STARGATE program which had a surprising amount of crossover with the MKULTRA program and its sister programs. While this particular project was undertaken by DIA, CIA’s counterpart in the Department of Defense, it was considered a CIA equity. According to the document, “Serious government-funded research of both these domains began in 1973 when the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) initiated a modest effort to determine if a genuine anomalous phenomenon could be verified and to assess the degree to which it could be applied to general intelligence problems.” Coincidentally, 1973 is the same year that the MKULTRA program was officially terminated."
"Whatever evidence there was about CIA’s continuing relationship with Dr. Jolyon West, and whether or not they accepted his proposal to continue his MKULTRA research, was destroyed decades ago. This blanket destruction removed any chance to incriminate or exonerate the Agency, leaving just enough information to provide disturbing glimpses into the potential connections between Jack Ruby and MKULTRA after Lee Harvey Oswald was assassinated."
Whether it was official or not doesn't matter: Jack Ruby was an MK-ULTRA victim. Ruby was involved with the CIA in drug-running to Cuba for the whole decade of the 1950s and in the 1960s up to the time of the assassination. How did the Dallas County Sheriff's Department wind up having the CIA's top mind control doctor come to their jail to treat Jack Ruby? There is no reason to think they ever heard of him, so it wasn't their doing. They just went along with it. Who brought it about? That is, who interacted with them about it? Well, it probably wasn't the CIA. Do you realize that in everything we know about the JFK assassination, there is nothing about the CIA being involved with Dallas law enforcement. Therefore, it was most likely the FBI who set it up. But how and why Ruby's lawyers allowed it is baffling. Jack Ruby was the most poorly defended defendant of all time. 
But, the bottom line is that authorities had to be scared shitless that Jack Ruby was going to wake up one morning and have the whole thing figured out, realizing that he hadn't done anything, that the reason he could not remember shooting Oswald is because he didn't shoot him.  And so, they had to keep him drugged up, doped up, and perhaps hypnotically controlled as well to insure that his mind didn't go there. 
Their techniques were VERY effective. Look what they did to Marina Oswald, getting her to recall all kinds of things which she knew nothing about when first asked, but then acquired vivid memories of, such as Oswald going to Mexico City, Oswald shooting at General Walker, Oswald wanting to shoot Nixon, Oswald wanting to hijack a plane to Cuba, etc. etc. I wonder what doctor she saw and what drugs she was given.  Marina Oswald was MK-ULTRA too. Don't doubt it. The things they got her to say at her Warren Commission testimony were bizarre and frightening. It is truly frightful to contemplate what they did to her, twisting and shaping her mind with new "memories", all the result of the intensive brainwashing she received.  She was, by far, the most damaging witness against Oswald, and it is a nightmare to think about the things they did to her mind. It was Orwellian mind control to the max- beyond what George Orwell ever dreamed. I'm telling you: they turned her into a Stepford wife. 
But, nobody was more used and abused than Jack Ruby. Don't you get it???? THE SAME PEOPLE WHO KILLED JFK KILLED OSWALD. They didn't just get lucky with Jack Ruby coming along. They made Jack Ruby come along; that is, the Jack Ruby the world knows. Jesus, did they ever abuse that man. And he died never knowing what they did to him. He was a Stepford wife too. 

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