Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Let's look at our growing list of indicators that Jack Ruby was drugged on 11/24/63:

1) Ruby acted weird after his arrest, like he was in some kind of altered state. Is that the look of a man who just murdered someone and utterly destroyed his own life? I would describe his look as zombied.  

2. At least one newscaster reported that Ruby was "mumbling" after his arrest. Slurred speech and mumbling are recognized signs of intoxication. 

3. Ruby made no public statements on 11/24/63. According to Dallas detectives, he was talking up a storm to them, and with much bravado, such as: "I hope the son of a bitch dies." Does this look like a man who would say that? And note that's when they said he said it: on the way up to the 5th floor. 

Not speaking should be seen as a tell-tale sign of intoxication, and just assume the Dallas detectives were lying; I do.

4. The fact is that Ruby never gave any reason why he walked down the ramp, what his business was, except that he said it wasn't to see Oswald, let alone shoot him. He was aware that Oswald was set to be moved at 10:00, and he had no expectation of seeing him, and apparently, no desire to; at least, he expressed no desire to. The reason why he didn't provide a reason for walking down the ramp to the police garage is because he didn't know of any reason. He had no reason. He wasn't doing it of his own free will. It was drug-induced coercion. 

5. This letter, which the Warren Commission, placed in their document pile, refers to Ruby being drugged.

6. The very presence of a crowd at an incoming ramp: they had no reason to be there except to lure Jack Ruby. There was no one they were waiting to see pull in, and, there was no one they were waiting to see pull out. So, that defaults to them being a lure, a magnet for Jack Ruby. But, the plotters weren't going to just hope and pray that Ruby saw the crowd and joined them. There was no certainty in that, and they needed certainty. And that certainty came from a drug: scopoloamine, which made him a zombie and highly susceptible to suggestion. That's where the certainty came from. So, the very fact that a crowd was gathered at that ramp to lure Ruby is evidence that he was under pharmaceutical control.

7. The very little we saw of Jack Ruby on 11/24: We heard nothing from him, but we didn't see him much either. It was totally unlike what we saw of Oswald on 11/22, which was a lot. We heard reporters in the halls engaging him in questions, and his vigorous responses. But, with Jack Ruby, there was nothing comparable to that. Jack Ruby was out of it-mentally; and that's the reason for it. 

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