Wednesday, August 2, 2017

On 11/22/63, a great many people suspected that Oswald was framed and innocent. And a large percentage of them realized that once it went to court that the "open and shut" case that the government and the media were presenting was going to fall apart. They realized that we were hearing none of the things that Oswald's lawyer or lawyers were going to present in court, such as, his alibi. Such as: his complete lack of any conceivable motive to kill Kennedy. Plus, they would have exploited witnesses who would have strongly exonerated Oswald. For instance, James Jarman, who would testify that Oswald asked him why people were gathering on the sidewalk. He didn't even know that JFK's limo would be driving down Elm Street. For instance: Bonnie Ray Williams, who said he was upstairs on the 6th floor eating chicken and drinking Dr. Pepper until shortly before the motorcade arrived. So, how could Oswald have gone up there, retrieved the rifle, assembled it using a dime as a screwdriver, set up the boxes in the sniper's nest, and not be seen by Bonnie Ray? And what about Carolyn Arnold? The FBI didn't get her to revise her story until March. What if Oswald's lawyer got to her first and got her to tell the jury what she saw, which was Oswald at the doorway shortly before the shooting? And what about Marina? Remember that if Oswald had lived and been tried, she would NOT have been a State witness, as she was at the Warren Commission show trial. We have "spousal privilege" in this country, which means that wife can't be made to testify against her husband. But, if Oswald had lived, he obviously, through his lawyer, would have demanded that his wife be released. And then all that prep work that was done to her by the FBI would have been done by Oswald's lawyers. She would have been a witness for him; for his innocence- and you can bet your last frickin' dollar on that. 

So, anyone with knowledge and sense had to know that the trial of Lee Harvey Oswald was full of landmines- for the State. And really, it looked so bad for the State, that they simply couldn't let Oswald be tried. Don't you get it? THE LEVIATHAN STATE, THE FASCIST STATE, WOULD HAVE BEEN AS MUCH ON TRIAL AS OSWALD. They would have had to be on the defense as much as Oswald. They say the best defense is a good offense, and his lawyers would have known that. They would have ripped and torn into the evidence. How many pieces of phony evidence does it take to establish reasonable doubt? Just one, baby; just one. 

So, Oswald, who did a decent job defending himself in the hallways, with the aid of one or more good lawyers would have done a colossal job of defending himself in court. I certainly think they would have put him on the stand. "No! I did not shoot President Kennedy? Why on Earth would I want to do that? To make Lyndon Johnson President? Why would I prefer him to be President? I wouldn't. I couldn't. I didn't." 

So, a trial was the very thing Oswald needed and should have wanted, while it was absolutely certain to be a nightmare for the State. 

So, then what happened? Did the Fascist State just get lucky that Jack Ruby came along and killed Oswald? I am asking that specifically of the people who knew how weak the case was against Oswald and how threatening a trial would be- to the State. To the State, the trial of Oswald was going to be a nightmare. Really, it was. And don't be misled by any of the mock trials because Oswald wasn't present at those. The disadvantage to him and to his lawyers in not having him present is gargantuan. And yet, in most cases it still resulted in a hung jury. Imagine if he was present.

So, did the Fascist State just get lucky that a deranged person by the name of Jack Ruby just happened to come along and shoot Oswald? They just got lucky, did they?  This is the JFK assassination we are talking about; therefore, never EVER think in terms of luck. Luck had nothing to do with it. The Fascist State needed Jack Ruby. The Fascist State needed him desperately. And their getting him was no accident, no random act, and no freak occurrence.  

The Fascist State needed Oswald dead, and they knew they needed him dead before anything even happened. Thousands, maybe millions believe that Oswald was sent to the Texas Theater in the hope that he would die in a shootout with the Dallas Police. And they don't think that his going there was an accident. 

So, when that didn't work out, then what? They just got lucky that exactly 1 person out of 200 million Americans lost his mind over the JFK assassination and committed the rash act of shooting Oswald? Or was Oswald killed the same way that Kennedy was killed, meaning, by the same people, and was Ruby just a fall guy and a patsy, like Oswald?

My point is that if you were Mark Lane or Vincent Salandria or any other person who saw through the case against Oswald, did freak chance come along and rescue the Fascist State from its precarious predicament of having to try Oswald? It is VERY unfortunate that the people who immediately disputed the case against Oswald having killed Kennedy dropped the ball when it came to disputing the case that Ruby killed Oswald. They accepted it. Oh, they tweaked it a little, with suspicions that Ruby knew Oswald and did it to silence him. But, they should have realized that NO ONE would do that at the cost of his entire life. What is worth giving up your entire life for? Of course, you might be willing to die for someone that you love, but this didn't involve that. This involved killing Oswald at the cost of Jack Ruby's entire life. Who would do that? Nobody in his right mind would do that. Jack Ruby was not of right mind, and he was made to be not of right mind. Jack Ruby was a target, a victim, a mark. It is way, way, way too CONVENIENT that he came along when he did. And when it comes to the JFK assassination, I don't believe in coincidence; I don't believe in luck; and I don't believe in convenience.  

Jack Ruby was innocent. He was used and abused worse than any human being I know of. And what I mean is: if you kill a person outright, you've ended his life, but you didn't steal his mind. He lived as himself; and he died as himself. But, Jack Ruby was treated like a lab rat, dosed and drugged and manipulated and ultimately killed. The odds that Jack Ruby was killed are extremely great. He didn't smoke. And even at his death bed interview, he made no mention of having bronchogenic carcinoma. He only mentioned rectal pain. And then he conveniently got an embolism and died two weeks later? Something that can easily be induced with drugs?  I believe they killed him. But, they battered his mind before they killed him, and they battered all our minds. They abused all of us with their crafty, Machiavellian lies, and the evil show they put on making it look like Ruby shot Oswald. Nothing disgusts me more about being an American than the thought of what they did to Jack Ruby, and what they did to all of us in connection with Jack Ruby, an innocent man. 


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