Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Ralph Cinque: 

The amazing thing is that Ruby's defense lawyers never studied the images closely to see if it was really him. 

The Wizard: 

Yes! And they were also denied the opportunity of seeing three of the films in court, including the NBC outrage with 'Sunglasses Ruby'. They would have fallen out of their chairs.

Jerry Coley, who witnessed the pool of blood at the top of the steps on the knoll, also said that he recognized Ruby on TV from his hat and coat! Now, Coley did know Ruby, but, as we know, none of those TV videos showed the face of the shooter, so even Jerry was jumping to conclusions. 

Jack's lawyers were also not allowed to see Court Exhibit 21 (WC Commission Exhibit 2424): "Ruby" in the Assembly Room. Unbelievable. 

Incidentally, Sam Pate, the radio journalist famous for saying: '...something has happened in the motorcade route...' etc., was one of the witnesses who placed Ruby on a chair at the back of the assembly room - BUT - he did not recognize Ruby (in the glasses) in Court Photo exhibit 21 (WC exhibit 2424)!!!

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