Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Thanks to the Wizard, here is another Dan Rather collage:

So, if that guy isn't Dan Rather, who is he? It should be possible to know. The various media outlets have to know who they sent there. As it is, NBC admits that they had the venerable Nelson Benton there- to watch Oswald being walked 30 feet and then driven off. It seems like a bit too much muscle if they really thought that was all that was going to happen. Besides, why have the fanfare there? Why not have the heavyweights at the Dallas County Jail waiting for Oswald to arrive? At least there would have been things to see there: Oswald having his mug shot taken; Oswald being fingerprinted; etc. But a walk to a car in a garage? A dingy, grimy garage? The world press gathered there to catch the walk? The walk. The walk to a car.  

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