Thursday, August 3, 2017

So, Dallas Police told Jack Ruby that he shot Oswald. But, why did they have to do that? Why did they think they had to do it? 

The idea was that Ruby entered some kind of altered mental state in which he was unaware of what he was doing when he shot Oswald, as in sleepwalking. 

But, why would Dallas Police think that? 

And what Attorney Tom Howard said conflicts directly with what the Dallas detectives said. They said that Oswald told them why he shot Oswald, which was to save Jackie a trip, to do them, the Dallas Police, a favor,  to save them a heap of trouble, to be a hero, and that he said these things immediately in the jail office- and with bravado. So, why after that would he have to be informed that he shot Oswald? "You shot Oswald? Why did you shoot Oswald?"

Somebody was lying there. It wasn't Ruby, and it wasn't his lawyer. It was those lying Dallas detectives. 

And really, the whole idea that Ruby shot Oswald while in a trance, in which he had no awareness or memory, is absurd. Less than one minute before, Ruby was aware enough to identify Lt. Rio "Sam" Piece in the police car at the top of the ramp. So, he was aware then; therefore, what could have happened to his mind in less than one minute to cause him to undertake an action, a violent action, with no awareness? It makes no sense.

What makes sense is that Ruby had no awareness of shooting Oswald because he didn't shoot him. And the big question is: why didn't his lawyer, Tom Howard, go there mentally? Why didn't he consider it?

The answer is simple, and let's start with Jack Ruby. Why did Jack Ruby accept that he shot Oswald? It's because Dallas Police told him that he did it. Well, that's the same reason his lawyer Tom Howard accepted it: because Dallas Police said it. 

Now, regarding the films and photos, they don't show Jack Ruby in the garage. The films and photos would have solved the mystery for Ruby and his lawyers IF THEY HAD JUST LOOKED AT THEM CRITICALLY. But, they didn't. Mentally, they didn't look at them at all. They just accepted that they showed Jack Ruby- without looking at them, examining them, and comparing them, to known images of Ruby to see if they really did match. It was a mental capitulation.

So, why did they capitulate? They capitulated because of respect: respect for the police, for authority, for official declarations, and respect for the whole system. It was a inconceivable to them that Dallas Police would lie about it. It was inconceivable to them that Dallas Police were the real killers of Lee Harvey Oswald and that they framed Ruby. 

What was needed was for them to step out of their paradigm and into a new and completely different paradigm. But, they couldn't do it. They couldn't see it. They were blind to it.   

Just think: Ruby tells his lawyer that he knows nothing about shooting Oswald; that he has no memory of doing it; that he had no intention of doing it; and his lawyer doesn't even consider the possibility that the police were lying?????????????

Again: it was his paradigm; his whole world view. He didn't realize that he was through the Looking Glass, where up was down, black was white, and in was out. Well, don't let that happen to you. You have no excuse. This is 2017, not 1963. You know the vast shit that has happened. You know the rank lies that have been told. You know how evil and rotten the system is. You can do those image comparisons and see that the Garage Shooter does not match Jack Ruby.
Back Jack! Fight for him. He was innocent. Framed and innocent. He was the most abused person who ever lived. They took everything from him, including his mind, and then his life. He took more abuse than Oswald. And that's saying a lot. 

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