Thursday, August 3, 2017

Big! Big! Big! Big! Big! The Wizard has done it again! He has come up with another James Bookhout sighting. 

It's at the Midnight Press Conference. It turns out that Bookhout lied about not going to it. And he did tacitly deny going there.

Mr. STERN - Did you have any further contact with him that day? Friday? 
Mr. STERN - When did you next see Oswald? 
Mr. BOOKHOUT - Well, it would be on the morning of November 23, 1963, in the homicide and robbery bureau. 
Mr. STERN - This was another interrogation? 
Mr. BOOKHOUT - Yes. 

Obviously, if Bookhout went to the Midnight Press Conference, he had to see Oswald. So, he lied to the Warren Commission about that, but then again, he lied to them about many things. He was a liar. 

Now, here are the images. But, let me say first that if anyone wants to dispute this, then let them identify this figure. You can see all the others who have been identified. You know he wasn't a Dallas cop. He had to be federal. So, if not Bookhout, who was he?

You see the guy in the upper left corner in back? The short guy? The guy who is looking down? Like this guy was looking down?

It's the same guy: James Bookhout.

How ironic that in the same photo that the Idiot Backes maintained for months the false identification of Detective TL Baker as James Bookhout, that Bookhout was right there behind him. What a God-damn fucking idiot Backes is! I told him for months that that wasn't Bookhout! But no, he wouldn't listen. 

Note his shortness, his narrow nose, his characteristic hat, and his characteristic neck fat. 

On the right, that's him wearing a toupee'. 

This is what the Wizard said:


That is certainly logical, that Bookhout would be camera-shy if he knew what was going to happen on Sunday morning, but, on the other hand, he is keeping his eyes down or closed and he does seem to have the trademark hat and roll of fat on the neck. If you look at the copy of the photo with the white rings, you can see the rogues' gallery of Bookhout, Hall, Sims, Boyd and Leavelle behind Oswald.

The guy in the hat also seems shorter than Hall, etc.


RC: Again, I say, if this isn't Bookhout, then who is he?

And rogues' gallery is right. Look at all those familiar faces. That short guy had to be federal. And he wasn't Secret Service, for there were no short Secret Service agents. He was FBI. He was James Bookhout. 

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