Thursday, August 3, 2017

Sparta, I have made it clear, repeatedly, that I don't believe Bookhout actually shot Oswald, that it was a ruse, a made-for-tv spectacle, that Oswald was shot for real later, and probably in the PD. 

So, it's not really a matter of murder, is it? James Bookhout was just an actor, as they all were. He played a role; the role of Jack Ruby shooting Oswald. Fritz, Leavelle, Graves, and even Oswald himself were all playing their roles. 

So, I am NOT accusing James Bookhout of being a murderer; just of playing one in a theatrical production on television. 

And what is the evidence that he did that? First, there is the photographic evidence.  

On the right is the only facial capture of the Garage Shooter, and it is rarely seen. On the left is James Bookhout in 1937, so 26 years before. They are the same man. I'm sure I could get a gerontologist to agree that we are looking at the same man through 26 years of aging. He's aged on the right, but it's still the same DNA. It's still the same neuromuscular positioning in terms of head carriage. It is the same man despite the fact that both images were altered, such as the imposition of "drag queen eye brows" on the left, which he most certainly didn't have.  And there's more:

That is James Bookhout on the right. It is exactly where James Bookhout said he was on 11/23/63 at 6:30 PM: filing into Fritz' office for the Saturday evening interrogation of Oswald. And, a longtime JFK researcher from Education Forum said he was Bookhout before I did; it's how I found out. My contention is that Bookhout was wearing a toupee' on the left. And note that that is not the hair of Jack Ruby in back either. It's damn long hair. 

But, besides the photographic evidence, there is more. There is Bookhout's testimony, his claim to have remained in Fritz' office during the jail transfer, which was not credible. He didn't claim to be doing any work there; just hanging around. Really, it was just his phony alibi because he was in the garage playing Jack Ruby.

There is the fact that the Garage Shooter was demonstrably short, no more than 5'6", while Jack Ruby was 5' 8 1/2".

There is the fact that officially there are NO images of James Bookhout from the time of the JFK assassination- or any time thereafter for the rest of his life. James Bookhout spent more time with Oswald than anybody, attending all the interrogations and following Oswald to lineups, etc. Surely, his image should have been captured and recognized. But, Bookhout was systematically removed from any and all images precisely because he was the Garage Shooter. 

There is the fact that James Bookhout took a long leave of absence after the JFK assassination- from his work as an FBI agent. It's because he was the Garage Shooter and didn't want to be seen.

Also, Bookhout never appeared on any talk shows, forums, discussion boards or anything else- unlike James Hosty.  Bookhout even saw to it that his image wasn't posted in his obituary. 

For the same reason, Bookhout did not go to Parkland Hospital. Why not? The man had been following Oswald around for two days and got to know him better than anybody. Wasn't he interested in Oswald's fate? But, he just couldn't be seen because he was the Garage Shooter, so he didn't go. 

We have this image of Bookhout after the shooting, and it is exactly where he said he was at that point in time, following Oswald's stretcher from the jail office to the garage.

And you can see how short he was.

Jack Ruby had NO MEMORY of shooting Oswald, and it's because he didn't shoot him. And, there is NO IMAGE of the Garage Shooter that compares favorably with any image of Jack Ruby. 

There is no doubt and no question that the Garage Shooter of Lee Harvey Oswald was James W. Bookhout. 

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