Thursday, August 3, 2017

3:06 PM (40 minutes ago)
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Well Ralph, here's a snap shot taken from a frame of a moving news film
from when Oswald was shot and it is aligned with the flash from Bob
Jackson's camera. Lo and behold, Oswald left hand looks exactly like it
does in Bob Jackson's photo. That of course means one of two things,
either those sneaky conspirators would have had to have doctored both the
Bob Jackson photo and this news film (going to the trouble of manipulating
the hand in both images), or your theory that Bob Jackson's photo was
altered is a load of crap. 

Ralph Cinque: 

Sparta: No, no, no, no, no. I know all about that. I know where it's from. It's from the international newsreel. It occurs at the 41 second mark right here:

But, it's NOT in the rolling film. Nothing follows it. The film doesn't continue after it. It is just a still image that was tacked onto the moving film.

Sparta, it's not in the film; it's not part of the film; it's just more fakery. They attempted to make it look like it was part of the film, but it's not. 

Now listen, Sparta: For it to be part of the film, it has to occur IN THE FILM, which means there is film before it, there is film after it, and it occurs in process in the film. If you think it's legit, then you show me the film in which I can see it not as a still, not as a "snap shot" as you put it, but as an active element within the film. There is no reason why that shouldn't exist if it's real. But, it doesn't exist because it isn't real. 

It goes from this at the 41 second mark:

to this, also at the 41 second mark:
And then nothing. It's followed by nothing, as though the film ended right there. Let's see it intact. Let's see it within the moving film. But, we can't see it within the moving film because it doesn't occur within the moving film. It is a still frame that was tacked onto the moving film. 

Sparta, you keep trying; you keep thinking that you have something; you keep thinking that you have me cornered. You are NEVER going to have me cornered because I am right and you are wrong. The whole thing was a ruse, a farce. The Jackson photo is a monstrosity, an abomination. And it can't be duplicated by anybody. 

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