Thursday, August 10, 2017

This interview of Marina Oswald is a must-see. It was done in association with her Warren Commission testimony, and she was introduced by someone from the WC.

To me, she really comes across as a Stepford Wife, giving robotic answers, and not Oswald's Stepford Wife but the U.S. government's Stepford Wife.

For instance, a reporter asked her what Oswald said to her about Connally.  And her response was, "he say only good, fine." Now, how likely is it that Oswald ever mentioned Connally to her? I think the chances of that are about zero. I think she was just being a good, cooperative witness, spouting what she thought they wanted to hear. 

Dan Rather asked her why Oswald went to Mexico City. She had to think a while before saying, "he want to live in Cuba." Then someone asked if he also wanted to live in Russia, and she said, "after Cuba."  It all had the quality of someone trying to remember what she was supposed to say. 

She repeatedly referred to Oswald as "Lee Oswald." We know that she called him Alec. I think it's weird of her referring to her husband that way.  It has the sound of referring to someone that you don't know.

Someone asked how Oswald got to the rifle range to practice, the implication being that he would travel to Irving, get the disassembled rifle that was wrapped in the blanket and stored in the garage, and then somehow get to the rifle range, and then presumably return the rifle to the Paine's garage, and he would do this repeatedly. The reporter wanted to know how he got to the range; did he just walk down the street with the rifle or did someone pick him up. Marina said she didn't know. She drew a blank. And, can we all agree that the story is completely untenable? I know even of lone-nutters who agree that the claim of Oswald going to the rifle range is unfounded. 

She dutifully confirmed the Walker shooting attempt, but it was weird. She was asked if Oswald's behavior was normal or if he showed signs of violence, etc. And she said that he acted normal. Then someone asked for clarification, and she quickly said that shooting at Walker was not normal, but that until then, he acted normal. And the implication, I think, was that he returned to acting normal after trying to shoot Walker.  

But, think about how untenable that is: he goes off his rocker and tries to shoot Walker in April, and then in November he goes completely berserk from seeing a motorcade route in a newspaper and shoots Kennedy, but in-between he was normal? She had nothing to say about Oswald being abnormal in the day-to-day.

The last question was why she didn't want to have anything to do with Oswald's mother, that she didn't want to talk to her, and she said it was because it was too much bad for her.  I hope you realize that John Armstrong is right, that the short squatty Marguerite was NOT Oswald's mother. 

Overall, Marina was trying very hard to give the pat answers that were expected of her. She was trying hard to remember what she was supposed to say.

And by the way, I took the image of Dan Rather and made another collage of him and the mystery man from the Dallas police garage.

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