Monday, June 6, 2016

Here is a frame from a film of the Oswald shooting that is very close to the Jackson photo. 

On the left, Oswald is cringing more, and he's got his head cocked to his left. The angles aren't exactly the same, but they're close. 

But, what footage is it from? It's not from the most famous one, which is NBC. It's not from KRLD. So, where is that from?

Oswald has already been shot. He has already received the impact of the bullet. So, why after that would he lean back and go up on his toe?

You're not supposed to know about this. Nobody is supposed to be talking about it. The official story (what they want you to believe) is that Ruby shot Oswald in the abdomen from the front; Oswald cringed; and then he collapsed. That's it. That's the narrative. And that's why they keep showing you this:

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