Wednesday, June 1, 2016

I understand why people think Oswald was shot in the abdomen rather than through the rib cage. It's because of this photo.

This was right after the shot, but "Ruby" has got his gun aimed at Oswald's abdomen, the very center of his abdomen. 

And Oswald seems to be clutching his very center- as if he got shot there. But, look where he got shot:

So again, from looking at this famous photo, you would think that Oswald got shot in his very center. 

You see how in the above picture Oswald was turned. Leavelle claimed that he turned him- before "Ruby" fired. That was and is a lie. This is how it really was when "Ruby" fired: 

Here's another view:

The basis on which I'm saying that's the instant that he fired is that that's when I heard the shot. I stopped the video as soon as the sound commenced. However, there is the issue of my reaction time. So, that is just a little bit late. Doesn't it look like Oswald is already starting to go down? But still, it's very close. It's a tiny fraction of a second late. And then, after shooting Oswald from the side, "Ruby" jumped out in front of him. 


That may be about when Jackson took his picture.  "Ruby" repositioned himself after the shot. He is at a different angle from when he shot Oswald (below). 

As I see it, "Ruby" moved close to 90 degrees between the two. He swung around a quarter of a circle. Now look at this sequence:

So there they are, the three musketeers, and there's "Ruby" in his hat.

There's Oswald looking at "Ruby". 

And there's Ruby shooting Oswald with him looking straight ahead. Look: Oswald knew. OK? He acknowledged "Ruby." He knew what was going to happen. He deliberately fixed his gaze straight ahead. And he must have thought that "Ruby" was going to shoot a blank. 

But, getting back to this frame:

Doesn't it seem like we should see the muzzle flash? What would be stopping it? 

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