Thursday, June 2, 2016

Note: I had to upload this video again. What happened was that Google offered to do something to stabilize it, and I figured why not. But then when they were finished, it was worse. So, I had to delete it and upload it again. So, I have provided the new link here. The other one is defunct.  And this is the original intro to the song:

June is bustin' out all over, and that means it's time for a song. This one was written by the two tunesmiths who wrote JFK's 1960 Presidential campaign song, High Hopes. That's the brilliant songwriter Jimmy Van Heusen and one of the hippest lyricists of all time, Sammy Kahn. 

This particular song was written by them for Judy Garland, and more or less as a gag. She was known to be trouble on the set; habitually showing up late, or showing up plastered, or not showing up at all. So, they wrote this for her to sing at a CBS dinner, for whom she was working at the time. 

But, it was introduced to the public by Jackie Gleason in the 1963 movie, Papa's Delicate Condition.   After that, it got covered by everybody and anybody. Why? Same old reason: it's a great song. The name of it is: Call Me Irresponsible.  (does not pertain to my JFK work)


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