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Just as Ralph proved....

"There were no v-neck t-shirts back then [in 1963]. Nobody had them." --
R. Cinque; October 26, 2012


Ralph Cinque said:

Von Pein, that link of yours is so despicable and so stupid, I am going to make you famous for it.

Whether there were, or whether there weren't, v-neck t-shirts in 1963 is completely irrelevant. That's because you are claiming that Doorman was Lovelady, and there is no chance that he was wearing a v-neck t-shirt. He never wore them. Not even when he was posing for the camera as Doorman did he wear them, and we're talking about multiple times.  

And, consider the Math. I found out that, today, v-neck t-shirts are more popular than ever before, and they comprise 17% of the market. So, after over half a century of availability and promotion, sales have gotten that high. But, what would the number have been back in 1963? And it's not as though it was a new t-shirt. Men are known to wear t-shirts until they fall apart. The one on Doorman could easily have been from the 1950s. Where does that put the likelihood that it was a store-bought v-neck t-shirt?

But, that's not what I'm claiming anyway. I'm claiming that Doorman's t-shirt was originally a regular, round, crewneck t-shirt, the kind that most men wear, but it got stretched from Oswald's habit of tugging on it. But, more on that later.  

But first, in your link, you claimed that in his Warren Commission testimony, Lovelady "proved" that he was Doorman. Proved? How? In what way? For having said what? He never even said that he was Doorman, never mind proved it. Joseph Ball never even asked him if he was Doorman. Instead, Joseph Ball just asked him to draw an arrow to himself on the Altgens photo, and Lovelady did. But, afterwards, neither identified the figure to whom he drew his arrow to. 

Mr. BALL - Draw an arrow down to that; do it in the dark. You got an arrow in the dark and one in the white pointing toward you. Where were you when the picture was taken?
Mr. LOVELADY - Right there at the entrance of the building standing on the the step, would be here (indicating).
Mr. BALL - You were standing on which step?
Mr. LOVELADY - It would be your top level.
Mr. BALL - The top step you were standing there?
Mr. LOVELADY - Right. 

So, you want to extrapolate from what Joseph Ball said that Lovelady drew his arrow to Doorman??? Well, you can't. We have the actual photo. We can look at it and see where he drew his arrow.

We know from the record that Frazier testified to Ball a month before Lovelady, and we also know that Lovelady was given the same Altgens photo to draw on that Frazier had marked. So, there was already one arrow there, drawn mostly in the white by Frazier. Ipso facto, we can conclude; we must conclude; that the large arrow on the left was Frazier's. Can you find another arrow pointing to Doorman besides that one? Because that's the only way you can claim that Lovelady claimed to be Doorman. And forget about proved that he was Doorman. That's not even on the radar. I only mean claimed. But, the only other mark on that photo is on the arm of Black Hole Man. By default, that must be tail of Lovelady's arrow. It's not much, but most of his arrow was drawn within the black space of the enclosure of Black Hole Man's arms. We just got lucky that a tiny little bit overlapped his flesh-colored forearm. 

The analogy I like to use is that if you're told that a pretty woman is waiting in one of 12 hotel rooms to kiss you, and you check the first 11, and she's not there, you're going to use your breath spray before entering the 12th room.

And the analogy is valid because we're not going to assume that Ball and Lovelady were conducting a hoax, are we?

So, when Lovelady told Ball that he was "standing on your top level" he was referring to himself as Black Hole Man. 


It took 49 years for somebody to see it (me) but Lovelady drew his arrow to another figure: Black Hole Man. So, non-verbally, Lovelady DENIED that he was Doorman. 

Then, Colin Crowe suggested that Oswald's t-shirt wasn't really v-neck but just got stretched and sometimes looked v-neck. 

He claimed that it got stretched during the scuffle in the theater, but we don't know that, and it is highly unlikely. It would mean that a policeman grabbed him by his t-shirt and pulled on it, and we don't know that that happened. Nobody said that it happened. And, if anything, it probably would have torn it. But, that's not how Oswald's t-shirt got stretched. It got stretched because of his habit of tugging on it. 

Here is a statement from his Marine buddy, Anthony Botelho, who is still alive.

You read what Botelho said loud and clear, right, Von Pein? And we're getting him for the upcoming mock trial of Oswald in Houston. Anthony Botelho is going to be a witness for the Defense. 

The fact is that Oswald's t-shirt was a regular round t-shirt when new, but it got stretched into a vee by his habit of tugging on it- just as Botelho said.  But, how much the vee manifested fluctuated, and it depended on whether it was pulled down in front or in back.

But, that's what we are seeing on Doorway Man, and we're seeing it very well.

Von Pein had the nerve to put up this collage, with all the disparity between the two men, including the t-shirt.

If you look with open eyes and alert mind, you see that the eyes are different, with little space between the eyes and the eye brows on Doorman but enough space to drive a mack truck thru on Lovelady. The noses are different with a lumpen tip and small nostrils on Lovelady and a large flared nostril on Doorman. The right ears are different. Lovelady is obviously a lot stockier. Their hairlines match, relatively speaking, but Lovelady's was faked. The FBI did that. Here is how he really looked:

We have that on authority of Mark Lane. Him I trust. 

Another guy I trust is OIC Chairman Larry Rivera, who made this overlay of Oswald and Doorman.

Other than the fake hairline, which was done to both Doorman and Lovelady, Oswald and Doorman are a spot-on match to each other in both the man and the clothing.

Other than the hairline, what's different? Nothing.

So, we would have to believe that if Oswald and Lovelady were both wearing low-riding baseball caps, they would look like identical twins. 

So, these two guys with hats on would be identical twins:

We're going far and wide with this, Von Pein. I'm making you a star on Facebook as well. Your stupid, hapless, and deceitful defense of the official story has reached the point of absurdity. It's over for you, Von Pein. 

It's a good thing for you that the Afterlife is divided into Heaven and Hell. Because Oswald's in Heaven, which means there's no chance you're going to run into him. But, imagine if you did. Imagine a face-to-face between you and Lee Harvey Oswald. I don't imagine that would go too well for you, Von Pein.  

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