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This punk wants to bring Timothy McCarthy into the discussion of Oswald being shot. Timothy McCarthy is the Secret Service agent who took a bullet for Reagan. And in his reaction to it, he went up on his toes. 

So, if he could, Oswald could. Right? We'll see about that. I welcome this discussion. In fact, we are going to get into it at length.

But first, I want to point out that the whole issue of Oswald going up on his toes after being shot exists because of me. The punk isn't denying that Oswald did that. On the contrary, he's admitting it. 

But, he's only admitting it because I forced him to. In 52 years, when did anybody notice it before now?

And why did I have to do it? The films have existed for 52 years. You only had to look at them. Why didn't somebody take an interest in studying Oswald's actions, his movements, after being shot? 

But, I'm glad to see that the punk does admit that Oswald went up on his toes. 

Now, let's get to McCarthy, and keep in mind, we have to compare EVERYTHING. 

First, where was he hit? He was hit in the right rib cage from an anterior position. The shooter was in front of him. So, McCarthy was essentially facing his shooter, and the bullet entered from front to back. 

That's in very stark contrast to Oswald. Oswald was shot in his left rib cage, but not from the front; rather, from the side. The bullet traveled from left to right across his body. That's a very different trajectory.

But, getting back to McCarthy, here he is the instant he was hit.

He's already been hit there, and his hands are going in to cover the wound. But, he was already rotating before he got hit. Here he is a split-second before:

He's caught sight of the shooter. And now, very heroically, he is going rotate himself clockwise; he is turning; he is spinning to his right, and the purpose was to place himself squarely in the path of the bullet to protect the President. 

So, after realizing the situation at hand, he spins around to his right, clockwise:

He's got his arms spread, his legs spread; he is making himself as big a screen as possible, and then he takes the bullet in his right rib. I don't know which one. But, it has the effect of adding to the spinning motion that he had already begun. The result was that it spun him into a pirouette, or at least, a half-pirouette. 

It isn't just me who thinks so. Here is an article from the Chicago Tribune: 

Here is the link to the article:

Now, did anything like that happen to Oswald? No. Not at all. Oswald was walking straight ahead when he got shot. He wasn't turning or spinning. And he was shot transversely, through his upper abdomen, from left to right. 

Now, getting back to McCarthy, if you watch the video, you can see him spinning before he got shot. Start at 39 seconds.

He had a lot of momentum going, resulting from his own turning motion and then the effect of the bullet which hit him on the right side as he was turning right, and the result was that he flew:

He went up on his toes alright because it was the only way he could maintain contact with the ground. But, even that was futile. He lost contact with the ground. He became airborne.

Note that that was all one continuous reaction from being shot. 

Next, this is him landing. What goes up must come down.

And then, as you can imagine, he just falls.

And the way he winds up is like this:

And that's what you'd expect as well: that he would be crumpled up on the ground. So, how did Oswald wind up like this: stretched out and lying on his back?

But, we should start from the beginning with Oswald. As I said, Oswald was just walking along. He wasn't spinning; he wasn't turning; he wasn't rotating.

This first frame is a split-second before he was shot.

Oswald is being secured by Graves on his left side and Leavelle on his right side. You might say that they are restricting him to only linear motion. They are, in fact, bracing him. So, "Ruby" presumably shoots him at the level of the 7th rib at the costo-chondral junction. The bullet travels from left to right. And we know that not just from the picture but from what the Parkland surgeons told us about the course of the bullet: it traveled left to right across his upper abdomen through his left rib cage.

Now, in that situation, would it cause Oswald to rotate? Would it cause him to pirouette the way McCarthy did? No, of course not. So, what did Oswald do? 

 Oswald's first reaction was to cringe. He crouched; he bent forward slightly; he is starting to go down there. 

Now, after that, what happened is that "Ruby" wound up in front of Oswald, as if he had shot from the front. In the KRLD version, it looks like Graves may have pushed him.

Note that Oswald still looks like he's going forward and down. But not for long. That's about to change. 

Now, Oswald's forward lean is gone. He's leaning back, and he's coming up on his toes. And that's just a split-second later. 

Whatever effect the bullet was going to have was going to be immediate. So, why would Oswald, who was walking straight ahead in a very stable condition, and I mean stabilized by two men who were supporting him and securing him, who was then shot transversely through his upper abdomen, react in that manner: first to cringe and crumble (to go down), and then to start leaning backward and going upward? 

Look at these two frames. First, Oswald going forward:

And then a tiny split-second later:

Now, look at it as a collage:

Oswald was going forward and down in response to the shot. But then, he started veering back and up. And just a split-second later. A very short split-second later. It was much less than 1 second in video time- unless they removed frames. But, the shot could only impact him one way, one time. Oswald was hit from the side. If it was going to push him, it was going to push him sideways. 

Think of Kennedy. He was shot from the right front. So, he was slammed back and to the left.

There is a wonderful book by a Navy physicist, G. Paul Chambers called Head Shot: The Science Behind the JFK Assassination.  In it, he very elaborately and scientifically explained that to know where the shot came from, all you have to do is analyze Kennedy's motion. There was a vector to his motion. You find the vector, and then you back it up, and it will lead you to spot from which he was shot.

After more than four decades and scores of books, documentaries, and films on the subject, what more can be said about the assassination of President John F. Kennedy? A great deal, according to the author. This provocative, rigorously researched book presents evidence and compelling arguments that will make you rethink the entire sequence of terrible events on that traumatic day in Dallas. Drawing on his fifteen years of experience as an experimental physicist for the US Navy, the author demonstrates that the commonly accepted view of the assassination is fundamentally flawed from a scientific perspective. The physics behind lone-gunmen theories is not only wrong, says Chambers, but frankly impossible. This is the first book to: identify the second murder weapon, prove the locations of the assassins, and demonstrate multiple shooters with scientific certainty.

If, by any chance, you still believe that Lee Harvey Oswald, a "lone nut loser", is the perpetrator of the "crime of the twentieth century", then you must read this book! If on the other hand, you have a natural dislike to science, and especially physics, this book will drive you mad...Not content with devoting a full chapter to give a thorough explanation of the scientific method, the author explains everything that happened on the 22nd of November 1963 by using the laws of physics, and the laws of physics only. And the results, given in exquisite detail, have only one conclusion: there is no possibility whatsoever that the fatal shot that killed Kennedy was fired from somewhere else than the fence behind the "grassy knoll", and from a small caliber, high speed rifle, which is definitely not a Mannlicher-Carcano similar to the one owned by Lee Harvey Oswald

I think we can take a cue from Dr. Chambers that the Laws of Physics worked the same for Oswald as they did for Kennedy. So, why would Oswald, when he was shot in the side start cringing, collapsing forward but then start veering backwards and upwards?
I know of no plausible reason, and I don't think there is one.

We're going to stay on this, and I'll have more to say about McCarthy, but I'm going to get this first installment posted here and on Facebook. Let's really delve into this. It's important. And let's remember: until a few days ago, nobody thought Oswald did anything but get shot and go down. This was the story:

But, the story is a lie. 

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