Wednesday, June 1, 2016

This was a presentation at the Sixth Floor Museum which featured Jim Leavelle and Bob Huffaker, who was one of the reporters at the Oswald shooting scene.

Huffaker made an interesting point. He said that after the shooting, Leavelle and Graves, with the assistance of other officers, "dragged" Ruby into the building. Actually, it wasn't Leavelle because he was tethered to Oswald who was down on the ground. But, did the others actually drag "Ruby"? Dragging implies that the subject was unwilling to go and was resisting or at least not helping. But, why assume that about the Ruby figure? So, how did it actually happen, his transfer into the building? I don't know. Maybe they did drag him. But, if they did, how was it coordinated? Did someone give a verbal order: "Now let's drag him into the building." ? No one claimed to hear such an order, and we can't hear it. Or, did they know ahead of time that that was what they were going to do? 

Leavelle said that all weekend long they received many anonymous calls from people saying that they were going to hurt Oswald. Really? Because it seems strange to me that if someone were going to try to hurt Oswald that they would alert police to their intention. It seems more likely that they would just do it. According to Leavelle, they called to say that they were going to overturn the armored vehicle that he was in and set it on fire. Again, why inform Police? 

And according to Leavelle, that's how the armored car became just a decoy. They weren't actually going to put Oswald in it, according to him. Oswald was going to be put in a regular car, and the armored vehicle was going to be driven without him. But that doesn't make sense either because if they really thought that someone was going to turn it over and set it ablaze, what about the guy driving it? Didn't they care about him? So, they didn't mind risking his life? And if the threat was realized and that guy burned, they were going to say, "At least they didn't get Oswald." Was that it?

It's just chimps flinging feces around the cage. Don't you know that?  

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