Sunday, June 4, 2017

After reading my article on Saintly Oswald, The Wizard (whom I regard as a real saint) responded with some sage advice.

 I watched the Saintly Oswald videos. He thinks that the Bookhout photo evidence is weak, so it might be worth re-posting a couple of gifs - showing the neat fit as the elevator "Ruby" impostor morphs into young Bookhout and the cop in the basement looking at the stretcher does the same. The gifs are a little slow, but in both cases the eyes appear in the correct places and suddenly bring the 1963 pictures to life.

That was a very good idea. It is absolutely a lock that the guilt-ridden short guy looking down in the stretcher scene was James Bookhout, and there is also no doubt that the "Ruby" being held at the elevator by Boyd, Sims, and Hall was Bookhout too. 

But listen, Wiz: it turns out that the Saintly one actually made an astute observation that is useful to us. He wasn't trying to help us, but he did. He observed that in the Rheinstein retrospective, that Detective Hall isn't just there posing. He enters that scene. He steps into it. And as he does, his entire focus is on the photographer. He is not focused on "Ruby" at all. Even though "Ruby" is behind him and conceivably could have kicked him or tripped him or spat on him- or something (and remember that Herculean struggle he put on in the garage, where it took on a whole battalion of police to vie with him, and they never did subdue him in the garage- the struggle just moved inside). So, one would think that Hall would have at least glanced at "Ruby". But, he didn't. Hall's entire focus was on the photographer. And even Saintly Oswald admitted that it seemed that he was very unhappy and disturbed about that camera rolling.

Hall is looking pretty stressed, and Boyd is looking none to happy either. 

It was such a mistake, such a colossal blunder, for Fred Rheinstein to include this in the 30 year retrospective on the Oswald shooting. And if he were alive, I would tell him so. That is James Bookhout, and we know that as well as we know who this guy is supposed to be:

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