Monday, June 5, 2017

Alert:  Don't send your kids to the University of Wyoming, unless you want them to turn out like this numbnuts:  

Bruce Miller Ralph, I seriously think you need help . You keep coming up with more and more absurdities. WHEN DOES END ?????....James Bookout no more resembles Ruby than you or I resemble Edith Bunker . If you actually have studied the Oswald aborted transfer, you would KNOW that Leavelle never looks at Ruby until after he shoots Oswald . He is looking at Captain Fritz and the quickly backing up Police car(that mysteriously was NOT in place) at the time of the shooting . Get a grip, Ralph .
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Ralph Cinque MY GOOD GOD, you are stupid. Jesus, Mary, and Joseph. James Bookhout didn't resemble Ruby?????????? Mudderplucker, we don't have an image of James Bookhout. Officially, there are NONE. So, what the hell is wrong with you to make that statement, when you've never seen James Bookhout and don't know what he looks like? Provide the image of James Bookhout on which you base that statement. And, I know very well that Leavelle never looks at "Ruby" until after the shot. But, Leavelle, himself, has always said otherwise, that he did see him in advance, and recognize him in advance, and that he saw the gun in advance, and that he knew what was going to happen in advance as being Jack Ruby, and that he reacted this awareness by trying to jerk Oswald behind him. And then he claimed to shove or poke "Ruby" on his left shoulder with his own right hand, and that all this happened before the shot. Leavelle claimed all that right on 11/24/63 in an interview with a WFAA reporter. He claimed it all again at Ruby's trial. And he's claimed it many times since; the point being the James Leavelle is a liar. Get a grip? Well, that does it, Bruce. It's time for me to make you famous. Yes, your stupidity and ignorance are going to be broadcast far and wide. What a fucking moron you are. Jesus, Mary, and Joseph.

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