Friday, June 2, 2017

Do you realize how big Detective Blackie Harrison was? He was a big son of a bitch. He was a giant among men. But, you'd never know it from looking at this photo because he looks small compared to Detective McMillan who was next to him. 

So, that's Jim Leavelle on the far left in his cream-colored Easter suit. And you can see that he looks small compared to Blackie Harrison, who was to his right. But then, look at Thomas Donald McMillan in the center. My Good God, he is big! If he is that much bigger than Blackie, then he had to be a freak. But, it turns out: not so much. 

That's him. He was behind Graves. He was a skinny guy. Let's put his two images side by side:

So, how did he get so big on the right? Trick photography. He's what you call a screen, someone to block the view. And look at poor "Ruby" underneath him.  

With a guy the size of McMillon bearing over him, assuming McMillon was really that big, as well as Harrison, don't you think it should have been all over right there and then for "Ruby" with him going nowhere except into a pair of handcuffs? \

But no. He lived to fight on. "Ruby" got out of it. And he fought on. The fight, the wild pandemonium continued all the way into the jail house.  

No fuckin' way!!  Shit, they're lying to us!   Fuck!!! 

Well, that's how Bill Hicks put it.

"They've got the window set up exactly as it looked that day, and it's really accurate too because Oswald's not in it." 

"Not unless Oswald was hanging by his toes, and some pigeons grabbed on to him..."

 "and flew him over the motorcade. Surely someone would have seen that. There were rumors of anti-Castro pigeons..."

Funny guy. I wonder if they killed Bill Hicks. Probably did. It's a pity; a big loss for us. Were he alive, I'd contact him, and he'd be in the OIC: for sure. 

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