Saturday, June 3, 2017

I want to address the issue of distortion resulting from freezing frames on Youtube. It can happen, but it's not universal. What does it mean if you stop the video, freezing it, and one image, say a face, distorts, but other faces do not? I say it means that there must be something wrong with that particular face, that particular image. It must have been unstable to begin with. It must have been qualitatively different from the other images in the frame. Keep that in mind as we look at various frozen frames of Sunglasses Ruby. 

I don't consider him to be distorted in the above image. It's a silhouette view, and his face is completely in shadow. Still, there is no distortion.  And look how straight and small and aqualine his nose is; not bulbous at all. Nobody would say that he has a "honker."But, in the frame below which follows: 

There is quite a bit of distortion. Obviously, the whole "sunglasses" effect has been replaced with a black streak, and that is, undoubtedly, distortion. But why him? Other figures in the frame didn't distort. Just he did. Here it is in larger view:

There is nothing particularly distorted about any other figure in the frame except the "Ruby" figure who is extremely distorted. So again I ask: why did his image distort but not the others? Whatever technobabble reason you give relating to Youtube would apply to the entire frame. So, why is he alone distorted? Here is another distorted frame:

Again, why just him? Why is his image so unstable compared to the others? I maintain it's because his is a highly altered image, and it's the alterations that make him unstable.

This image is distorted too. Look at the distance between his sideburn and his ear.  That is impossible. Nobody is built like that. So, that got stretched, and that's distortion. And look at the honker of a nose he now has. It's different from before. 

On the left, he has got a small, pointed, uplifted nose, but on the right, he has got a large honker of a nose, with lots of cartilage, and 
no uplift at all. It would have to be a severely hooked nose. It can't possibly be the same nose. Look how ridiculous small his chin looks and how much saggy skin he's got beneath his chin. Was he really like that? I have got a big announcement to make about this, so stay tuned. 

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