Wednesday, June 7, 2017

In the type of scuffle Ruby was involved in after shooting Oswald, it's no 
surprise his jacket was pulled off of him.

Ralph Cinque: What????? How dare you? What type of scuffle do you think it was? And how, during it could his arms come out of the sleeves of his jacket?

Seriously, Sparta: how dare you say that? When in the entire history of police work has that ever happened? And considering how important this is, and what is at stake, do you not feel any obligation to test the claim before stating it? If that were me in the middle of that scuffle, I'd be willing to be that they couldn't get my arms out of the sleeves of that jacket even if they were trying. But wait! THEY WEREN'T TRYING! So, the idea that it just happened spontaneously is PREPOSTEROUS. It is outlandish to the extreme. And the only thing you accomplish by making such statements is to make a complete fool of yourself. You could at least start by putting your jacket on and think about the forces that would be necessary for someone to get your arms out of the jacket. It would not be easy. And to claim that it just happened spontaneously is just plain ridiculous. But ultimately, that is what you and your kind do, isn't it? Ultimately, it just comes down to denial. It doesn't have to be reasonable. It doesn't have to make sense. It only has to be stated dogmatically.  

So, my response to you is: "Prove it, Sparta. Don't just say it. Prove it." 

And, your comparison to Oswald's shirt being tussled in the theater is not valid. Oswald's shirt was MUCH LIGHTER than a jacket. It was also much looser fitting. It also had no buttons except for two at the bottom, and it's not sure if they were secured.   

Here is the famous picture of Oswald at the Texas Theater.  Keep in mind that they were already posing for a picture. Detective Paul Bentley has already started smoking his cigar to celebrate Oswald's capture. And he looks happy; he looks delighted.

You can't tell me that Oswald is fighting them. They are restraining him for the picture, but afterwards, he was immediately handcuffed. And notice that his arm is still in the sleeve of the shirt.

There is no reason to think that Oswald's arm got pulled out of the sleeve. And whatever further dislodging of the shirt that took place after that was done deliberately and not part of the altercation. You can't assume that Oswald was resisting and fighting them at that point- if he ever was.  

So no, you're wrong about that too. Oswald's shirt was a long sleeve shirt, and it is ridiculous to claim that arms would come out of long sleeves by fighting. And there is no evidence for any such thing with Ruby. This is a purported to be an image of Ruby making his way into the jail office. As you can see, his jacket is still on him, and no one is doing anything to dislodge it. 

Keep in mind that I deny that that is Ruby. But, it's their story. This is what they say happened. So, how can it be that his arms came out of his sleeves? And how can you claim that Ruby's jacket came off during the struggle if none of the cops reported that it did? What gives you the right? 

Sparta, you exposed a lot, about yourself, and about the whole mindset of people like you. You failed miserably. And your next attempt isn't going to fare any better. Your case is hopeless, and you demonstrated it- in spades. 

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