Monday, June 5, 2017

Now, the Idiot Backes has really painted himself into a corner. 

"Oswald wasn't going anywhere except to his death. He wasn't going up either side of the garage.  He was brought out in such manner as to give JACK RUBY a clear shot.  That's why Captain Fritz left, exposing Oswald's front."

So, what are you saying, Backes? That the Dallas Police conspired WITH Jack Ruby to kill Oswald? So, they were trying to give Ruby a clear shot? That's what you said, Backes. So, the Dallas Police knew that Ruby was going to be there to shoot Oswald, and that's because, what, he told them? "Me and my dog are heading out to kill Oswald." 

So, the plan, according to Backes, was that Ruby was in cahoots with the Dallas Police where he would do the shooting and killing, and they would see to the arresting, prosecuting, and sentencing to death, which was fine with Ruby. 

Dallas Police: So Jack, the plan is that you'll sneak in, and we'll make it easy for you, and you'll shoot Oswald, and we'll make that easy for you too. Then, we'll pounce on you and arrest you and charge you and then testify against you at your trial, and with a little luck, you'll get the death penalty and be electrocuted. Sound good?

Jack Ruby: Works for me. 

Oh, and Backes, exposing Oswald's front didn't seem to matter since he was shot from the side.

You're stupid, Backes, and you can't help yourself.  You just can't help but be stupid. 

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