Monday, June 5, 2017

Poor Jack Ruby. If only Donald Trump had been born earlier and had published The Art of the Deal in time for Ruby to read it. Perhaps then, Ruby could have cut a better deal with the Dallas Police, where instead of him going on to misery, suffering,  ruin, and loss of everything, and them going on to heroism, there would have been something more equitable. 

But, the truth is, despite the lopsidedness, it was no good deal for them either. Imagine if they had to live every day and every night of their lives, for the rest of their lives, depending on, counting on Jack Ruby to keep his mouth shut about what they conspired to do and did. Would you get any rest? 

And remember that they were the very ones who went on to make life miserable for Jack, dragging him around in handcuffs, testifying against him in court, and even making his jail conditions as harsh as possible.

Watch this video. It says that before he went to the hospital where he died, Ruby was in solitary confinement. "There were no windows in his spartan cell. A naked lightbulb burned above his bed 24 hours a day."

I don't know if it's true. Frankly, it sounds pretty farfetched. Maybe it was just said for dramatic effect. But, if it was true, couldn't you imagine Ruby saying to himself, "Fuck this shit! I've had it! I'm taking these mudderpluckers down with me!"

In fact, you'd think that if they really conspired with him to kill Oswald, that the Dallas Police would have been buttering his bread and spreading jam on his toast to keep him happy. 

But, the truth is that, even then, they could not have trusted him to keep quiet. There is NO WAY it went down like that.

No, the Dallas Police did not conspire WITH Jack Ruby. They conspired against Jack Ruby. And the one they conspired with was Oswald. And, I'm sure they did make promises to him. But, since they were going to kill him, and dead men tell no tales, it didn't matter what he knew. 

Jack Ruby was framed. He was steered to that garage- somehow. He got there before the televised event. They jumped him and he didn't know why. Then they told him that he shot Oswald. And he believed them because he was not of sound mind. Then, they took him up to the 5th floor and killed time. They fussed about him changing his clothes, but no, they didn't confiscate his drawers.
But, look at this picture:

How did Ruby get like that if he struggled with police with his jacket on?

Do you, or do you not see that the Ruby figure is wearing a jacket. And by the way, Maxim Irkutsk thinks that that is a fake head we are seeing on "Ruby", a cartoon, a drawing. But, since he was wearing a jacket during the scuffle, how could he wind up like this?

That's supposed to be right after the scuffle, where they are leading him to the elevator to go up to the 5th floor for the first time. But, what happened to his jacket? Where did it go? And how could his shirt get torn open if he was wearing a jacket the whole time during the fight? This is supposed to be him during the fight:

So, he's wearing a jacket; he's walking along; singing a song; nobody seems to be bothering him. It's hard to believe that that is actually him, but that's what they tell us. And then inside the door he winds up like this?
Where was Ruby's jacket when this was taken? It was already upstairs on the 5th floor, where he had already been. They brought him back down for this. That's what happened. 

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