Saturday, June 3, 2017

Q. Did you recognize anybody when you reached the bottom of the ramp?
A. No. I recognized the police officer in the car -- that was in the car -- it was Lt. Sam Pierce, and this other man was just talking to him, and why Sam Pierce had not seen me, I don't know.
Q. Did you try to avoid him or anything?
A. No, I didn't.
Q. When did you finally realize that something had happened, Jack, when did you finally know?
A. Well, it happened in such a blur -- well it happened in such a blur, that before I knew it, I was down on the ground -- the officers had me on the ground.
Q. Had you realized you had done anything?
A. Well, really it happened so fast, and anything else I cannot recall what happened from the time I came to the bottom of the ramp until the police officers had me on the ground.
Q. Have no recollection?
A. No. 

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