Friday, June 9, 2017

Remember what the Idiot Backes wrote:

"Oswald wasn't going anywhere except to his death. He wasn't going up either side of the garage."

Actually, even though dying, Oswald still went out the Commerce Street side of the ramp.

 "He was brought out in such manner as to give JACK RUBY a clear shot."

Oh, I see. Well, in that case, you're saying that the Dallas Police and Jack Ruby were working together. 

"That's why Captain Fritz left, exposing Oswald's front."

But, "Ruby" didn't shoot Oswald in the front. He shot him in the side.  

"This was all arranged, it wasn't an accident."

Who ever said the Oswald shooting was an accident?

And, if the Dallas Police were working with Ruby, then they were accomplices to murder. So, why are you defending them? 

The idiot within, Backes- you can't wash it off; you can't scrape it off; and you can't soak it off. You're an idiot for life, and if there's life after death, you'll be an idiot there as well.  

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