Friday, June 9, 2017

The Idiot Backes continues to claim that the WFAA film crew went into the jail office through the double doors right away after the side door was summarily closed by a cop who went in. There were even witnesses who said police were not letting anyone into the jail office right away. For example: Dr. Fred Bieberdorf. He said that that he didn't enter the jail office right away because police weren't letting anyone in. 

They had the double doors covered. There was a big, tall cop there controlling access. 

 That's blurry, but Backes put it up, so don't blame me.

And there is no doubt that the WFAA crew followed the escort group out the side door. They were right behind them. 

Then, the Idiot Backes says that Bill Lord was a little guy, so they let him in, implying that a decision was made on that basis- like they were going to let somebody in if he was small.

Backes: "The police know Bill Lord. He's a little guy, hardly an imposing or intimidating.  I think the police are okay with him."

Cinque: You're an idiot, Backes. It was pandemonium, remember? They didn't have a cop at that door appraising people, sizing them up, are you big, are you small, etc. He was just keeping people out. . 

If Bill Lord and his cameraman Jim Davidson just went in through the double doors right away, the camera would still have been rolling. And, lo and behold, Backes found a version that looks like that. And I'm so glad he did because it's so obvious that it's fake, which I will show you. 

So, here it is. We'll start with this frame. And note the time 1:57.

 Alright, so after being barred from that entrance, Bill Lord and Jim Davidson just figure they can go around that guy by going in through the double doors. I wonder what they were going to say if they ran into him.

So, Bill and Jim are making their way through the maze, having gone through the double doors. Notice the time: 2:01. So, 4 seconds have elapsed. Pretty soon, they get to where they're going. 

Note the time. 2:04. So, 7 seconds have passed. But, I wish I had a gif of this because you see these guys milling around, acting normal, la-de-da-de-da. Were they deaf? Did they not hear the gunshot? Did they not hear the fracas? And what about all the cops who stormed in with Oswald and Ruby through the side door? 7 seconds have passed. How could they be unaware of them? How could they not be reacting to them? How could things have gotten this settled this fast? In 7 seconds?  They couldn't.  They wouldn't. They didn't. This wasn't 7 seconds later. No way!  It was more like 3 minutes later. They just spliced that together. 

The whole situation is way too calm, settled down, and under control to be just 7 seconds later. That is ridiculous. It is too damn calm. You hear me, Backes? 

You can watch it here:

There were NO reporters or cameramen in the jail office for 2 to 3 minutes after the shooting. DO YOU READ ME, BACKES? 

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