Sunday, June 4, 2017

You know, the whole idea of Jack Ruby having the intention of killing Oswald is ridiculous. It is ridiculous because if he had such a plan- knowing that it was going to destroy his entire life, that he would never go home again, that he would never be free again, that he would never operate his business again, etc. etc., then how, 5 minutes before, could he be engaged in doing something as mundane as wiring somebody $25? Who wires somebody $25 and then goes off and kills somebody? 

If you were about to kill somebody, would you be thinking to yourself, "Well, I better get this $25 wired first, and then I'll see about that killing I need to do." 

If you were just about to kill somebody, wouldn't you have nothing else on your mind but that?

So, Ruby definitely had no intention of shooting Oswald, and his very action of sending $25 to Karen Carlin minutes before proves that his mind was nowhere near the threshold of murder. 

So, all that leaves is Ruby doing it by sudden impulse. But wait. If the impulse to kill Oswald was sudden, presumably triggered by seeing Oswald, then why did he go there in the first place? Why should he have expected to see Oswald? It was 11:17, right? Oswald was supposed to be moved at 10:00, right? What did Ruby know to the contrary? And since Ruby's mind was on helping a dancer out of a financial jam- that's what brought him there- what basis is there to assume that he was anywhere near the violent capacity to suddenly shoot Oswald? And then, just minutes after the wildest fracas ever recorded on film, in which police, collectively, were unable to subdue Ruby in the garage, but once they got him inside, he turned to this? 

 People: they're lying to us. They're lying to us about JFK's murder; they're lying to us about Tippit's murder; and they're lying to us about Oswald's murder. It's all lies. Nothing but lies.  

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