Thursday, August 3, 2017

I am very sad to say that Jim Marrs has died. He died yesterday, August 2. I do not know anything about the cause of his death. 

I had the privilege of meeting with and talking to Jim Marrs once, and it was here in Austin. He delivered a speech at a very unique book store, Brave New Books, which is on Guadalupe Ave, the main drag of the UT campus. Their complete focus is on truther books relating to JFK, 9/11, other assassinations, and other government cover-ups, such as the attack on the USS Liberty, etc. That was the speech in which Jim walked up to the podium with a Carcano rifle and invited audience participants to come up and try to get 3 shots off in 5.6 seconds. Needless to say, nobody got close. And keep in mind that that didn't even involve finding, sighting, and maintaining a target. It just meant operating the rifle bolt and pulling the trigger.  

I got to speak to Jim afterwards, and he registered his support for Oswald in the doorway. We also talked about Ruth Paine, Roy Truly, and the whole process by which Oswald got hired on at the Book Depository. We also discussed the psychological manipulation of Buell Frazier, as I recall. I think it's fair to say that I monopolized Jim, but others standing around were finding our conversation interesting, so they didn't mind. Some people just wanted his autograph, and he signed them as we talked. 

And then with the rise of the OIC, Jim and I communicated by email. And he is now, always, and forever, a posthumous member of the Oswald Innocence Campaign. 

As a journalist, Jim covered the JFK assassination, but he did it so well, he and his book Crossfire are now an element in the story; they are part of the history, and always will be.   

Thank you, Jim Marrs, for standing up for the truth at a time when it was a lonelier road than it is today. He was a truther before truthing became cool. 

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