Saturday, November 28, 2015 
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So basically Oswald was eating lunch with Junior at 1215 on the 2nd floor.
Then by 1230 he had scooted down to the front steps next to Bill Shelly
watching the festivities where he claimed to be..A minute and a half later
while all hell was breaking loose he was back once again in the break room
getting a Coke.Is this how it all played out? 

Ralph Cinque:

NO. Consider the possibility that you are wrong. Oswald was eating in the 1st floor lunch at 12:15. Not the 2nd floor lunch room but the 1st floor lunch room. That's one floor down. And he wasn't eating with Junior Jarman; he just cited Junior Jarman as someone who was around at the time. 

So, he went from the 1st floor lunch room to the doorway, where he was seen by Carolyn Arnold, and then he went from there to the 2nd floor lunch room using the front stairs which only went to the 2nd floor. He reached the lunch room just barely ahead of Marrion Baker. 

Have you got it now? 

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