Sunday, November 29, 2015

Look how stupid this is. It assumes that because Kelley claimed that he asked Oswald if he watched the parade and Oswald said no, that we have to assume that Kelley gave an accurate account, including that what Oswald actually did instead never came up. Bpete stupidly thinks that we, the Oswald defenders, have no choice but to accept the veracity of what Thomas Kelley said, word for word. 

Just assume for a moment that Kelley did ask that question, and Oswald answered, "Yes, I did watch the parade. I was standing in the doorway at the time, not far from Bill Shelley."

Is there any chance that Kelley was going to admit to that? Was there any chance he was going to include it in his report? Of course not. 

Bpete goes on to try to parse the meaning of "standing in front of the Textbook building" which was in Kelley's text. It looks like plain English to me. If you are in front of a building, you're in front of it, you're not inside it. And if you're inside it, you are not in front of it. And what makes it even more ridiculous is that it's just hearsay. We don't know the exact words that Oswald used. We don't know exactly what he said. As I understand it, from other testimonies, Oswald was inside about to go out, meaning at the door, when these two guys came in and asked for the pay phone. But, one thing is for sure, you're never going to get to the exact bottom of it by parsing Kelley's statement. That's a waste of time.

And look what the idiot overlooked: Oswald's explanation of why a Cuba/Castro lover had no reason to kill Kennedy since Johnson would replace him. Common sense. Read it again because it's important, and then get the word to Pink "Boz" O'Blazney who thinks Oswald killed Kennedy over "political ideology."

And again, Kelley was not quoting what Oswald said. What Oswald actually said may have been a far cry from that. So, we can ignore the specific wording. All that matters is that Oswald acknowledged that it would be pointless to kill JFK when LBJ would replace him. Period. 

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