Saturday, November 21, 2015

This tri-collage is a huge problem for the people who defend the official story.  It's troubling content cannot be disputed.

So, in Weaver, as the limo turned onto Houston, there was Carl Jones alone by the west wall, and for some reason, there is a black disc over the face of the person in the center of the doorway. Then in Hughes, about 8 seconds later, there is a cartoonish-looking Doorman behind Carl Jones by the west wall. And then a few seconds after that, Doorman was back in the center and Carl Jones is by himself, as he was in Weaver. 

The "story" here is indisputable. The story is telling us that Doorman was jumping around that doorway, where he made a swift bolt to be over by Carl but decided a few seconds later to presumably go back to where he had been, which was at the center. How does that strike you as a behavior? How likely is it that anyone, whether Oswald or Lovelady or anyone else, would behave like that? And if you assume it was Lovelady, how is it that this migration of his was never reported by him and others? He was specifically asked where he was in the doorway, and all he said was, "it would be your top level." He didn't say anything about hopping around. 

So, either a very strange and inexplicable behavior took place OR what we see in the Hughes doorway isn't valid.

It isn't valid. Nothing about that doorway is valid. Doorman definitely isn't valid. He was put in there. And I strongly suspect that the images of Toni Glover and her mother (who is barely seen) and the street signs which are blocking the doorway are not valid either. 

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