Sunday, November 22, 2015

It appears that there was a slight elevation from being on the grass because the ground looks a little sloped. 

You can see how it slopes downward slightly from the wall of the pool. So, they were a little bit higher than the people at the curb, after all. But just a little higher. It doesn't look anything like it does above, with them soaring overhead.

And look at it again:

Do you see how mobile and animated they are? They wouldn't do that from atop that pedestal. It's too high. They'd be cautious and restrained, as Toni was in 2013.

She wouldn't be dancing a jig up there, not as a middle-aged woman and not as an 11 year old girl. She wasn't an acrobat. And when you watch that Dorman film, they are really jostling.

They are really getting wild. No way were they up on a pedestal. 

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