Friday, November 27, 2015

You stupid fool. If her head was not being blocked by Lovelady, then it would look the same on the right side as it does on the left.

On the left, the margin of her head meets black space. It interfaces with black space. But on the right, you don't see black space. There is no space between her and Lovelady. 

When his head is not obstructing hers, you see black space on both sides of her head. B is for black. 

So above, her head is intact. There is a clear margin on both sides of it. Now, look at the weird loop below the B on the right. Her whole head is weird, but look at that loop. 

It's covered up below.

You don't see that loop, and that's because it's covered up by his head. The contour of her head is interrupted on the right side, our right. It's because he is overlapping her. It is because his head is between her head and the camera. 

And why does her hair look so freaky? Who knows. It's just more weird JFK assassination photographic shit. 

You're stupid, Backes, and everything that flows from your mind is stupid. 

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