Sunday, November 22, 2015

This is from the retired Robin Unger's website:

And here's the crop of the Glovers.

So, we've got the mother in psychedelic pink pants and tan shoes. Toni is wearing blue high socks, except the right one is black. Her pants are blue, except for where they are black. Her pant legs are uneven. Her socks are also uneven. And there's something white between her legs. Her footwear is the most obscure of all. As best we can tell, she is wearing blue shoes, the same color as her left sock, which is unusual. But, the weirdest thing of all is that we can can't hardly make out her shoes at all, even though there is nothing between them and us but thin air. She's the one in back, so we should have no trouble whatsoever seeing her shoes. 

So, what do you think is going on here? Do you think all of that is a photographic effect? Do you think those are all the real colors? I think it's highly doctored, highly photoshopped. But, why would they have to do that? They weren't moving. 

So, let's really hone in:

Where are the mother's arms. Are they in her pockets?

That's just a sea of dark blue with a light blue arm sticking into it. There is nothing anatomical about this and nothing real. And why is Toni's arm below her shoulder? Look:

x is where her arm is going, but y is where her shoulder is. But, arms are supposed to go to shoulders. So, why the disconnect?  Is her shoulder dislocated? Time for a shoulder reduction. 

It would be very easy to duplicate that image, and I shall, but not tonight. I've been searching for an online image that duplicates it. I'm sure they exist, but how do you search for it? The closest I have come so far is a famous one of Charlie Chaplin being hugged from behind by his wife.

Of course, the angle is a little different, but it would be easy enough to imagine how that would look if it were taken from behind. You'd see his elbow sticking out about the same. It would look the same except that his elbow would be reduced in image size and we'd see more of her back. 

But, notice how we know exactly where his arm is and what it is doing. Notice that we know where her shoulder is and where her arm is, and it's plain to see that her arm is going to her shoulder. There is none of the disconnect that we see on the right with Toni. That really is freaky what she's doing, and it is anatomically impossible. 

And look at that big thick bushy ponytail on Toni. Why don't we see it in Hughes?

Oh, how the blood from the JFK assassination flows like a river these 52 years later. And how the image forgers smear that blood around as they do their painting.  

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