Saturday, November 21, 2015

There is another reason, which I haven't mentioned, why this image of Doorman hovering above Carl Jones is highly doubtful. 

The reason has to do with race. It was 1963 in Dallas, Texas, reportedly, a very racist city and before the Civil Rights Act.  

Remember that Texas was part of the Confederacy. And, the Texas Revolution was fought mainly over the right of Texans to keep their slaves. Mexico had outlawed slavery, and they politely told the Texans that they had to do the same, although they gave them a few years to do it. But, the Texans had no intention of doing it, and they organized their rebellion over the right to continue owning black people. That is a fact.  

So, that's the historical legacy, and the city of Dallas, I am told, was particularly racist towards both blacks and hispanics. Joe Molina, the bookkeeper at the Book Depository, was very active in the GI Forum, which was essentially a civil rights group for hispanic veterans, like himself, who suffered a lot of persecution in Dallas.  

Billy Lovelady said that he went outside to be with his friends: Bill Shelley and Sarah Stanton. Those are the two he mentioned, but perhaps there were others. But, I can guarantee you that they were all white. Would he have gone over to hover with Carl Jones? I seriously doubt it. And Oswald? Forget about it. He wouldn't have hovered over a white person, let alone a black one. 

I defend the guy, and I know he didn't kill Kennedy or Tippit, but it appears that he really was anti-social. He was not a people person. I don't know of a single instance in which he was cruel or harsh or irreverent to anybody- ever. But, he wasn't particularly friendly, and he certainly wasn't social. He really preferred his own company. 

So, when he came out on that landing, you can be darn sure that he didn't join anybody. He wasn't a part of any group, not even a group consisting of himself and one other person. He was a loner. For him to have taken up slightly to the right of the median handrail was the perfect spot for him because he had good visibility in both directions (meaning: down Houston Street and down Elm Street) and yet, he wasn't crowding anybody; he wasn't barging in on anybody; and most important, he wasn't joining anybody. He went out there to stand alone. 

Now, I have stood in that spot where he stood, and I can tell you that it provides excellent visibility all the way down Houston Street and all the way down Elm. So, once he took up residence there, he had NO REASON to move--at any time. At least, not for the sake of visibility. 

The spot above Carl Jones was terrible for visibility. I'm sure you could see down Houston St. OK, but Elm? Forget about it. Unless you're Superman and have x-ray vision in which you can see through walls, you can't see down Elm from there. Carl Jones could see down Elm because he was close enough to see around the column. But anyone standing above him next to the wall could not see around the column, and therefore, they would have NO visibility whatsoever once the limo passed the entrance. 

And that's something that everybody would know intuitively. Why did Carl Jones go as far down the steps as he did? He did so so that he could see around the column. A guy above him beside the wall would have been completely shut out. 

So, the forced and obligatory story is that Doorman, whoever he was, was in the center, and then he darted down to be above Carl Jones by the wall for a few seconds, and then he went back to the center. But, I'm saying that he never would have done it because he would have had no reason to do it because he would have gotten no advantage from doing it- not for seeing down Houston and not for seeing down Elm. 

And furthermore, and I regret saying this because it's a darn shame, there would probably have been an inborn resistance to do it because of the racial issue.

It's just the way it was. Who wound up on the 5th floor? Bonnie Ray Williams, James Jarman, and Harold Norman. Three black men. Who were the ones that Lovelady and Shelley and Stanton and Frazier said they huddled with in the doorway? White people.

That's the way it was, and it's another reason to reject this image:


It's fake. It's phony. It looks like a cartoon. It is one. 

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