Friday, November 20, 2015

Toni Glover: "I could see when he turned onto Houston, when he rounded the corner, and all the way down to the underpass."

Ralph Cinque: From that pedestal? First of all, it's pretty far back from the street, and there's a monument and another wall and a lot of trees, all of that obstructing the view of lower Elm. Furthermore, Toni had her mother directly in front of her on the pedestal. So, she couldn't lean forward and see anything. Toni was in back. So how through all that could she watch JFK and Jackie all the way down to the underpass?

Toni Glover: "They smiled and waved, and then they turned the corner and his head exploded."

Ralph Cinque: No, Toni. His head did not explode until the fatal head shot which happened a ways down the hill. Why would you say that he turned the corner and his head exploded? It didn't. It exploded down by the lower pergola.  

Toni Glover: "The image of him waving and the image of him dying are burned into the memory."

Ralph Cinque: Toni, even after what are officially considered two shots, not a single spectator (in the Altgens photo) shows any awareness of the ongoing catastrophe. It really wasn't until the fatal head shot that onlookers became aware. I don't see how you could have seen that from the pedestal. 

Here is the short interview of Toni Glover, if you are interested.

It does include a very poor rendering of her from the Hughes film and a clearer rendering of her from the Bell film, but they left out the Dorman film. Why? It's because she doesn't appear to be standing on a pedestal in the Dorman film, and she wasn't. 

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