Wednesday, November 25, 2015

These are the changes that the Hughes Lovelady undergoes. That's the one who was over by the east column, a spot where Lovelady never said he was. 

That is exactly how he looks in the film, in all versions of the film. The gif was made at "make a gif dot com" but not by me. I don't know who made it.

But, what I do know, beyond the slightest shadow of a doubt, is that the Hughes Lovelady is not legit. Billy Lovelady wasn't there at the time.  He left the doorway very soon after the shooting and never returned to it. The embedding of this figure into the film did not go well, and what you are seeing here is his instability. 

And all of this installing of Lovelady into various films was done for one reason only: because two FBI agents blew it by admitting and putting in writing that Lovelady said he wore a short-sleeved striped shirt. And they photographed him in it with him having unbuttoned it- like Doorman. Big mistake. 

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