Thursday, November 26, 2015

Backes doesn't think the woman is in curlers. 

Well, if she's not in curlers, it's the weirdest hairdo I've ever seen.

But, the important thing is that on the left, it's clear that the Lovelady figure is in front of her. You can also see it below.

The Lovelady figure is clearly in front of her, meaning closer to the door. On the left, it's supposed to be Bonnie Ray Williams, but it was at a time that he couldn't possibly be there, as he was on the 5th floor and came downstairs and was then detained by police for questioning and told that he couldn't leave the building. 

But, without relocating, without moving his whole body, but just by turning his head back to neutral, Lovelady winds up with his head on the other side of the woman in curlers. 

He is obscuring some of her head, not vice versa. That means he's behind her. So, he was in front of her, and now he's behind her.

And you see the exact same thing in the gif, his head passing through her like Casper the Friendly Ghost. 

That Gorilla Man was NOT Billy Lovelady. He is vastly different from Lovelady, anatomically.

There is no way those two are the same man. No freakin' way.  

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