Sunday, November 29, 2015

The blood-soaked killer is calling both of these images "heavily altered."

The image on the left was tinted, but not by me. It was done by his friend, Robin Unger. He never complained when Robin tinted images. He never called them "heavily altered." 

But, the tinting is the only "alteration" and since everyone knows the Altgens photo was black and white, it is a visible, out-in-the open upgrade. And, it does not introduce any false impressions of what the images shows.

The image on the right is not altered at all. Of course, it was cropped, but it wasn't altered. 

Look at it again, and I'll tell you why I like it so much. 

It's because it shows the depth and intensity of the eyes to be the same on both. It's the same look, the same stare. And, it is obviously the same clothes, the same unbuttoned, sprawled open outer shirt over the notched t-shirt. They both have slender faces and slender builds. That's the same guy: Lee Harvey Oswald. 

And notice that the killer doesn't follow it with a collage of Lovelady and Doorman to show that it matches better- or even as good. That's because it doesn't. 

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