Thursday, November 26, 2015

Backes, if we cut Lovelady out of this image, we would not be left with an intact Curler Woman. Part of her head would go with him.

In other words, if we got some scissors and cut around the margin of his face, removing it, her head would not remain intact. She'd have a hole on the upper right side. And that means that at that moment, his head was between her head and the camera. Yet, in the other frame, he is clearly on the other side of her and farther from the camera.

And now, you can see that her black coat or dress or whatever it is covering up a piece of his chest. So clearly, she is closer to the camera in the above frame. 

But, neither one of them relocated. The only change that took place is that he rotated his head back to neutral. But, it shouldn't have wound up on the other side of her.

Shouldn't her head be obscuring him and not vice versa? He isn't being obscured at all. He's 100%. She isn't. 

This isn't that hard to grasp, Backes. I'm sure that others who are reading this are having no trouble. It's pathetic how stupid you are. 

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