Monday, November 30, 2015

This is not directly related to JFK, but it does concern a crucial development in history: the rise of Communism in Russia. And as you well know, the Cold War with Russia had a lot to do with why JFK was killed. 

I asked Hidden History author Jim MacGregor: since the Secret Elite started World War 1 for the express purpose of destroying Germany, what about Russia? Did the Secret Elite have anything to do with sponsoring Lennin and Trotsky et. al, in the overthrow of the Czar? Here is his reply:

Absolutely Ralph. They used the gullible Czar from beginning to end to
get their war with Germany.  Trotsky was funded by Rothschild agent
Jacob Schiff on Wall Street.  In his autobiography Trotsky tells of his
few months in New York in early 1917 before being sent across to Russia
to join up with Lenin. This 'poverty stricken' journalist (as he
describes himself) and undesireable kicked out of Europe actually
relates how he and his wife and kids lived in New York for those months
in an apartment with concierge, lift, fridge, telephone and other
trappings of wealth for that time. He says it was through income earned
as a journalist in the few short weeks he was there, and other such
bullshit.  He describes how his kids felt sorry for the chauffeur
because he wouldn't join them when they went into tea rooms for
afternoon tea.  I kid you not, it's all there in his 'My Life.'  On
his way to Russia, Trotsky and some fellow agents were dragged off the
ship at Halifax, Nova Scotia by police and port officials who were
unaware of his sponsors.  Urgent mesages were fired to Halifax from the
very top in Washington and London to get them back on their merry

Lenin, meantime, was transferred across Germany from
Switzerland to Sweden (en route to Russia) on a 'sealed' train. One of
the leading Germans responsible for his transfer was Max Warburg, head
of the MM Warburg Bank in Hamburg and also head of German Secret
Service. Mainstream history relates that Germany helped Lenin because
he would remove Russia from the war against them.  What it does not
relate is that Max Warburg was, like Jacob Schiff on Wall Street, an
agent of Lord Rothschild (Secret Elite) in London.  Max was also the
brother of Paul Warburg who played a crucial role in setting up the
corrupt Federal Resrve System which enabled the elites to steel the
nation's wealth, fund WW1, and create money out of thin air before
'lending' it at high interest to the government.    Paul Warburg, who
worked alongside Jacob Schiff at the Kuhn, Loeb and Co Bank on Wall
Street (A Rothschild front) was likewise a Rothschild agent. Brothers
Paul in New York and Max in Germany kept in daily contact during the
war. It would be impossible to make this up!

Writers, including Eustace Mullins and Prof  Antony Sutton (kicked out of 

Stanford for his  troubles, have revealed how and why the elite cabal in 
London/New York set up the Bolshevik Rev.  Between 1914-18 the old world 
order was destroyed as planned, including: the Russian, German, Autro-Hungarian
and Ottoman Empires.  Britain and France were on their knees.  The
Secret Elite ( lead by Rothschild and Rockefeller) had taken control of
banking, industry, the press and politics in the US, just as they had
in Britain, and would now use its ever increasing power to drive their
new world order agenda. Stanford, as Steve rightly says, has played a
very significant role in that.

This is a very quick, potted account
which we will greatly expand upon in our next book.

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