Monday, November 23, 2015

I've been studying the wave by Toni Glover in the Hughes film below. 

Notice that you don't see her arms going up. It starts with them being up, and then you see them coming down. But, how could she do it when her mother was standing directly in front of her? I mean on the pedestal, flush in front of her. And why would she do it when JFK was way off to her right still in the intersection? 

And try finding the wave in the actual Hughes film. This version doesn't have it at all.  They cropped it out. Start at 33 seconds.

And look how perfectly symmetrical the wave is. On the left, that's her in Hughes at the height of her wave. Doesn't it look more like a computer-generated figure? On the right, it's a couple seconds later in Bell. We are supposed to believe that after doing that mechanical wave, she then felt compelled to clutch onto Mom for dear life. 

And what happened to that bushy ponytail on the right? Look how thick it is. But, on the left, it's reduced to a single strand. 

Hey! This is impossible! It can't be real. 

That is not how her hair was, and it's certainly not how her hands were. It's like she's wearing oven mitts. Look at the tattered bottom of her blouse compared to how it is in Bell.

And as I explained last night, there is nothing real about Bell either. At first glance, it looks better, more realistic, but when you really analyze it closely, forget about it; it's crap too.

The only image of Toni Glover that is real is the one from the Dorman film, but in it, she was not on the pedestal. She and her mother were standing on the grass. 

So, why is she saying it? Why is she going along with it? How did they get to her? She didn't surface until 50 years later- just in time for the 50th.  I've watched several of her interviews, and she kept repeating that Kennedy rounded the corner and then his head blew up. "Two seconds later his head blew up." NO, his head didn't blow up until the bottom of the hill. I'm starting to wonder about Toni Glover, her recitations, and I am reminded of Raymond in The Manchurian Candidate.  

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