Monday, November 30, 2015

The issue of Oswald giving someone directions to the phone on his way out of the building is murky, but I wish to address it.

William Manchester, the historian who wrote The Death of A President in 1967 which dutifully supported the official story in every detail, claimed that it was newsman Robert Mc'Neil with whom Oswald interacted. But, McNeil claimed to have had his interaction immediately after the shots, seconds later, not several minutes later. And McNeil saw Oswald later that day, and he saw his image plenty on television and in newspapers, and he never once claimed that Oswald was the man to whom he talked. Furthermore, Secret Service agent Thomas Kelley said that Oswald said that the man he talked to was "young" (McNeil was 8 years older than Oswald, so why would Oswald describe McNeil as young?) and had a crewcut (which McNeil did not have). 

So, when you really apply the known facts, there is no basis to assume it was Robert McNeil.

The other guy, Pierce Allman, fits the picture better. He was young. He did have a crewcut. And there was a delay before he went into the building. After the shots and after the limo sped away, he ran up the Grassy Knoll first and was looking around before he headed for the Depository. That could have easily eaten up a few minutes.

But, Pierce Allman has never- to this day- said definitively that Oswald was the man whom he encountered. Here he is talking about it in 2013. 

You can listen from the 32 minute mark. To me, he sounds open to the possibility of it being Oswald but by no means certain. And earlier in the interview, he talked about the encounter with a young "man in the doorway" who gave him directions to the pay phone, and he didn't mention Oswald at all.

So, to me it means that it's somewhat compelling to think that it was Allman, but I wouldn't bet my life on it. And remember that when SS Agent Thomas Kelley wrote his report, Oswald was already dead, so he had nothing to fear about Oswald contradicting him. 

So, it was presumably Allman; that's all you can say. Presumably. 

But regardless, it does not have any bearing on Oswald's presence in the doorway earlier when the motorcade was passing. It definitely didn't happen then. If it happened, it happened when Oswald was leaving the building for home. And we already know that he left, so it really doesn't establish anything of importance. You can't use it to confirm Oswald's presence in the doorway during the motorcade, nor can you use it to challenge it. It has no bearing on it.

But, we have already established Oswald's presence in the doorway, beyond any shadow of a doubt, because we have two images of him in the doorway at the time of the shots, the most important one being from the Altgens photo.

The above is what proves Oswald's presence in the doorway, and nothing more is needed. That's the nature of proof; only one is needed. 

I am reminded of Albert Einstein. After he came over here and his theories of relativity became famous, a consortium of German scientists released 35 proofs that his theories were wrong. And his response was, "What did they need so many for? One proof would have sufficed."

And the same is true here. 

And note that my enemies don't offer any collage of Doorman and Lovelady to show how much better his match was. No, they don't do that. Instead, they break into my website and corrupt the code so as to make it invisible to search engines. 

If you were in a historical debate with someone, and you had confidence and conviction about your position, would you do that? Would you try to win that way? Would it even occur to you? Would you stoop so low as to do that? That is, would you resort to crime, cyber crime? I'm sure you wouldn't, and the fact that they do shows that they realize how WEAK their position is and how STRONG our position is. They know they can't win based on facts and evidence, and that is why they resort to crime, cyber crime and other crimes, including street crime, thug crime.

The debate is over. Oswald was in the doorway. There is no doubt about it. There isn't even a plausible alternative for him to be anywhere else at 12:30, and that includes, of course, the 6th floor. 

It's time to stop the lies because Oswald was outside. 

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