Tuesday, November 24, 2015

This really is a very compelling image. It cinches the case. That's because we know that the line of the pool was continuous with the line of the pedestal. But, because of the elevation of the pedestal, the line of the pool in the picture would appear to be a little behind it. And we know that both lines were parallel with the line of the sidewalk. 

Now, here's the demo:

So, you see that the line of the pedestal, the line of the pool, and the line of the sidewalk are all in parallel. The pedestal line is a little in front of the pool line- not in reality and not in your mind's eye, but it is when you actually draw it on the two dimensional picture.

So, in terms of appearances, the line through the Glovers should be slightly in front of the line of the pool. Let's look at the same image above cropped.

Bingo. That's about the way the Dorman film is framed. So, now we know where the line of the pool should be in relation to them. So, here is Dorman:

Where's the line of the pool? Why don't we see it?

That tells the tale, that they were not on the pedestal. In Dorman, the line of the pool is missing. In other words, there is too much grass behind Toni. The image should have picked up the wall of the pool. That's because the wall of the pool was and is continuous with the pedestal, and they were, allegedly, on the pedestal. So, what we see on the right is what we should be seeing on the left- if they were on the pedestal.

There is definitely enough room there for that line of the pool to have been captured. 

Toni and Mrs. Glover were NOT standing on the pedestal in the Dorman film. And they wouldn't have been moving around so excitedly if they were. 

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