Monday, November 23, 2015

I found a version of the Dorman film that was put up by Gerda Dunkel in which you get a glimpse of the pedestal.

To tell that it's fake, we only have to look at Elsie Dorman's view from the 4th floor.

Notice how narrow the pedestal is going from the pool to the sidewalk. The long dimension is the other direction, and the that's the direction that the Glovers are, theoretically, standing. The very fact that they are able to stand on it side by side tells you that it's the long direction. So that means the distance from the pool going forward is the short direction. But, look how long it is in the frame.

 That platform would have to go back to the end of the photo and beyond. Remember: it extends into the pool, which is behind the grass, and you can see how wide the grass is. There is NO WAY the pedestal was that long in that direction. 

Now, let's compare the contrast between the color of the sidewalk and the color of the pedestal.

On the left, in the test photo, there is some contrast. The pedestal, particularly the top surface, does look different than the sidewalk with is darker and less white. But, what we see on the right is absolutely ridiculous. It's like Colgate white. 

Yes, the pedestal is every bit as white as the super white teeth, and it's ridiculous. Nobody was brushing the pedestal, applying bleach to it as they do to teeth. I'm sure it wasn't that white in the first place. 

So, why did they make it that white? I'll tell you why. It's because they were selling the idea. But, they knew that it was only going to appear for a tiny fraction of a second and for a tiny sliver of the area of the image. There was concern that people wouldn't recognize it at all. The super-whiteness was a way to make it stand out, so that if anybody questioned whether they were standing on a pedestal, they would be able to point out something unmistakable. They just didn't think about the fact that it wasn't the realistic color of the pedestal.

I realize that that's a black and white photo above, but we're talking about something that was allegedly white; sparkling white: bright, vivid high-tone white. The above pedestal was definitely not that. 

So, there's no doubt that it's fake. And remember what it means whenever you find anything fake. It means that "they" killed Kennedy; meaning; Johnson, Dulles, Harvey, Hunt, Morales, Phillips, Angleton, Meyer, etc. killed Kennedy. They would have had nothing to fake if Oswald killed Kennedy. 

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