Saturday, November 28, 2015

Last night, I finished reading Hidden History: The Secret Origins of the First World War by OIC members Gerry Docherty and Jim Macgregor.  It is a thrilling and Machiavellian tale; it may be the most Machiavellian tale of all time:

Previously, I discussed how the British Secret Elite through a secret network, sponsored the assassination of the Austrian Archduke Ferdinand for the express purpose of triggering war with Germany. But afterwards, the British and French governments issued perfunctory statements of support and sympathy for Austria-Hungary, but Russia did not. Russia continued fanning the flames of resentment and hostility towards Austria-Hungary, and even Serbia chimed in similarly and was unrepentant. 

Austria-Hungary did NOT want war, but they did want justice for their slain Archduke. So, they made 10 demands of Serbia in connection with the slaying. One was that they wanted their police to be part of the investigation of the crime. Another was that they wanted the Serbian government to cease its anti-Austrian rhetoric and rein-in the clandestine anti-Austrian hate groups in Serbia. Serbia's response was diplomatically respectful but essentially told them to go to hell. 

So then, Austria- Hungary did contemplate war, but what they had in mind was a very limited war between them and Serbia. But, that was extremely naive. They just didn't read the handwriting on the wall. 

The act that followed the assassination which really launched World War 1 was: the mobilization of the vast Russian military along the German border. That was understood by everybody to be an act of war. Czar Nicholas knew it was, and he was very uneasy about it. He did it because he was pressured to do it. 

This is a map from the book:

Take a look at that map and see how vast Russia was at the time. Russia is still the largest country in the world- by far. But then, it was even larger. East of Germany and Austria-Hungary, it was all Russia. There was no Ukraine. There were no Baltic countries. There wasn't even an independent Finland. Russia controlled all of that territory. And Russia had, by far, the largest army in the world.     

The weird thing is that Kaiser Wilhelm of Germany and Czar Nicholas of Russia were cousins. And Wilhelm contacted his cousin, and said, "What are you doing? Are you out of your mind? I am trying to mediate this thing between Austria and Serbia to avoid a war. And you're trying to start one? I don't want war with you. Do you want war with me?  Hold your fucking horses, would you?"

But, the Czar wouldn't back down. The Secret Elite was already promising him spoils from the war to come, for instance, the much prized Constantinople, and they had Alexander Izvolsky working for them on the inside in Russia.  

Read this dairy entry by Kaiser Wilhelm of Germany. It is like the Fritz Notes of the First World War.

"I have no doubt about it: England, Russia and France have agreed among themselves… to take the Austro-Serbian conflict for an excuse for waging a war of extermination against us… the stupidity and ineptitude of our ally is turned into a snare for us… The net has been suddenly thrown over our head, and England sneeringly reaps the most brilliant success of her persistently prosecuted purely anti-German world policy against which we have proved ourselves helpless… From the dilemma raised by our fidelity to the venerable old Emperor of Austria, we are brought into a situation which offers England the desired pretext for annihilating us under the hypocritical cloak of justice. Their mobilization was based on the understanding that Germany, under attack from two sides, would have to advance firstly on France and then turn on Russia."

There is no doubt whatsoever that Germany was the last European country to mobilize for war, and that certainly proves that it did not want war. The others (France, Russia, England, Serbia) wanted war with Germany, but Germany did not want war with them.

Officially, the fighting of WW1 began with the German incursion into Belgium on its way to France in August 1914. So officially, Germany fired the first shot. But, what if they didn't? The burning question of WW1 is: what if Germany had just amassed its forces defensively along its borders with France and Russia and just waited? Would there have been a war?

The answer I arrive at from reading Hidden History is: definitely yes. The war was going to happen regardless because those that wanted it were not going to let it slip away. They wanted war with Germany the way George W. Bush wanted war with Iraq in 2003. 

So, I think what would have happened is that the French or the Russians, and probably the French, would have said that Germany had violated its border. Or, they would have gotten Belgium to say that Germany had violated its border. Or they would have accused Germany of some atrocity. One way or another, they would have gotten their war.

It's happened before. It's what the US did to start its war with Mexico in the 1840s; they said that Mexican troops had crossed the border into US territory, ransacking. But, what really happened was exactly the opposite.  

Hidden History proves beyond doubt that the Secret Elites of Great Britain planned a war with Germany many years before it happened, and it was never what Germany sought or wanted. 

Had Germany just refused to give-in; if she had forced the others to attack her- to take the first shot- it would have been much better. It would have been much harder for the court historians to corrupt the history of it and blame Germany for starting the war. By waiting, Germany may have been swiftly crushed, but she was going to get crushed anyway.  Look how outnumbered she was, and that was true even before the US got involved. 

Hidden History is a very important book, and it is a monumental achievement by Gerry Doherty and Jim Macgregor. And we are extremely honored to have the two of them as senior members of the Oswald Innocence Campaign. 

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