Tuesday, November 24, 2015

This is a huge, insurmountable problem. Doorman wasn't over there by the west wall; then he was; and then he wasn't. It's not part of the official story, but it is part of the official image record. 

In chess parlance, the only move left to the defenders of the official story is to say that Doorman must have moved around the doorway during the motorcade, but, that is not very plausible. There is no basis to say it other than these images. No one would be inclined to say it if not for these images, and that's because no one would be inclined to do it. No one would even be inclined to think it. In 52 years, I'm the only one who noticed it.

There are only two choices: either Doorman moved around the doorway during the motorcade OR that middle image of him over by Carl Jones is FAKE. I say it's fake.  

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