Tuesday, November 24, 2015

This just in from OIC member Pat Shannan concerning Bush Sr.

George H. W. Bush Can't Keep a Straight Face about JFK Assassination
FKTV.IS - Alexandra Bruce - November 23, 2015


This eulogy is so barf-worthy it astounds and sickens, beyond any reckoning of good taste or logic, and it's just shocking, in its sheer lack of sensitivity. These are the ramblings of a true psychopath.

It is pure evil, writ large and that's how these disgusting pigs, who rule our world do business.

Behold, Poppy Bush, the uber-scoundrel of the past two centuries, laying it on thick, during his eulogy for President Gerald Ford.

GHWB uses the occasion of Ford's death to promote the lie, which he can hardly keep from laughing about, that a "lone gunman" took JFK's life (check it out!!!).

He goes on to say that the "Warren Commission will ALWAYS have the final say on this matter. Why? Because Gerald Ford put his name on it." (Bring out the barf buckets). 

Ralph Cinque: Here's the link with the video. It's only 41 seconds long, but when you hear Bush say, "When a deluded gunman...." he has to pause to laugh. 


Bush said during the 1988 Presidential campaign that he couldn't remember where he was when JFK died. But, we know now from Russ Baker that there is documentary proof that Bush stayed at the Dallas Sheraton Hotel, less than a mile from Dealey Plaza, the night before the assassination. It was the same hotel at which the Secret Service stayed. 

Later, in a book that his wife wrote, she said that he was in Tyler, Texas giving a campaign speech to the Kiwanis Club the afternoon of the assassination. It's less than 100 miles from Dallas to Tyler, and the speed limit on Texas highways in 1963 was 70 miles per hour. So, what are we talking about timewise? What time did he have to leave Dallas to get there? Regardless of that, I believe it was a made-up lie. I believe that this is George HW Bush standing outside the Texas Book Depository in the late afternoon of November 22nd.

Now, one thing is for sure: either that was Bush, or it was a guy who looked and dressed uncannily like him. And fortunately, it is definitely trackable because those men in suits outside the Depository were not spectators. They were connected. They were all federal agents. And that means: there is no excuse for not knowing who that guy was. In other words: either identify him or admit that he's Bush

This issue has been around for a long time, and so far, the only candidate that has been put forward is Dallas Detective Gus Rose.

  That's Gus Rose above, and he doesn't look remotely like the disputed figure. He's got a round head like Charlie Brown.

He is not the man in the picture, and it is a preposterous suggestion. I am entirely satisfied that the man in the picture is 39 year old George HW Bush.

Notice that even the ears make a good match. 

So, I believe what John Hankey and Russ Baker that Bush was involved in the plot at a high level, that he was the "CIA George Bush" who was mentioned in the memo, and the whole Tyler, Texas claim was a ruse. The way Mrs. Bush told it was that her husband was up at the podium ready to begin his speech, and then word came in that the President had been shot, and so he announced that he would be tabling his speech out of respect. 

So, why in tarnation would Bush not have remembered that himself? I dare say it would be unforgettable because it entailed a personal upheaval which would have registered in his consciousness forever. I remember where I was. I was sitting in the 7th grade at Good Shepherd School in Inwood, Manhatten,  right next to Inwood Park. Brother Anthony, the principal, got on the school intercom and announced to the entire school that the President had been shot. I remember it like it was yesterday.

George HW Bush skipped the inauguration of Richard Nixon in order to see LBJ off at the airport. Can you believe it? It's true. And Nixon was his father's personal protege'. Nixon had already informed him that he was making him US Ambassador to the UN. Nixon, like Bush, was a Republican, while LBJ was a Democrat. 

Still, despite all that, Bush preferred to see LBJ off? Why? I'll tell you why. It's because of the special meaning of the term "blood brothers."  Bush and LBJ were brothers in blood.   

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